10 Amazing glue gun craft Hacks – muft malomat

10 amazing glue gun craft hacks-muft malomat

10 Amazing glue gun crafts

Here are some amazing glue gun crafts that can put wonder in your daily routine.

1: Phone Holder

Take a diamond shape jar,fill it with glue, remove the jar from the surrounding and attach the holder on the back side of phone.Now you can easily hold your phone.

2:Hair straps

Take glitter, pour it on the sheet, apply glue on it and iron it. Now cut the straps and apply these straps on your hair.It will increase your beauty.

3:Cute shirt design

Take colourfull bubbles,pour them on the shirt and iron it.Apply glue on it.It turns into a cute design.

4:Hair pin

Take glitter,make a design with glue on it,A beautiful hair pin is ready ,apply it on your hair and ready to shine.

5: Cap: 

Make a cap on paper with glue, remove it and use it to prevent yourself from sun.

6:Thread Jar

Take half piece of plastic watermelon.Make a web around it with glue.Remove watermelon from it and use web jar for thread and other things.

7:Hand bag

Make different colour straps of glue apply these straps on hard paper and convert it into the shape of bag.A beautiful hand bag is ready to use.

8: Artificial glue nails

Take size of your nails on a paper, apply glue on it,cut out the nails and apply nails on your hands.

9: Painting brush

Make a straw with glue and attach brush on it.A flexible painting brush is ready to paint.

10:Grossary Bag

Take a rough cartoon, make a web with glue around it, remove the cartoon and a beautiful Grossary Bag is ready to pick different accessories.

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