12 Top YouTube Ideas That Can Make You Money in 2023

How to make money from youtube 2023

Making money from YouTube in 2023 is a great way to generate income and express yourself creatively. There are a few different ways to monetize your content on YouTube, such as running ads on your videos, becoming a YouTube partner, selling merchandise, and more.


The first step is to create content that is engaging and entertaining. You can use videos, podcasts, and tutorials to share your knowledge and experience with your audience. Once you start building up your audience, you can look into different ways to monetize your channel.

Ads are a great way to make money from YouTube. You can join the YouTube Partner Program to get access to ads and share in the profits. You can also create sponsored videos or sell products alongside your videos. If you have an existing business, you can also promote your products or services on YouTube.

Lastly, you can also look into crowdfunding sites like Patreon or Ko-fi to ask your viewers for support. Creating engaging content, finding a reliable monetization method, and growing your community is great ways to make money from YouTube in 2023.

Earning money from YouTube via an affiliate program

is a great way to monetize your channel. You can set up an affiliate account with companies that are related to your channel’s content and create videos that promote their product or service. Make sure to include an affiliate link in the description of your videos so that viewers can click on it and purchase the product or service you are promoting. Additionally, make sure to follow all of the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you are working with to ensure that you are compliant and not in violation of any of the rules.

Making money on YouTube can be a great way to make some extra income. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Create interesting and engaging content. Ask yourself, “Would I watch this video?” and if the answer is no, then you need to make some changes.
  • Promote your videos on other channels and social media platforms. Share it with your friends, family, and followers, and ask them to share it with their networks.
  • Use keywords in your video to make it easier for people to find your content.
  • Use YouTube Ads to monetize your videos. This will help you earn money from each view.
  • Be consistent. Try to post at least one video a week to keep your viewers engaged.

1- One great way to earn money is by sharing your knowledge on YouTube

One great way to earn money is by sharing your knowledge on YouTube. With the right content and a creative approach, you could turn your hobby into a side income. You can create tutorial videos, share your experiences, host interviews, or make product reviews. Once you have an audience, you can monetize your videos with ads or create sponsored content. There are so many possibilities! Just remember to stay organized and be consistent with your content.

2- You can earn money from YouTube by making entertainment videos:

Yes, you can definitely make money from YouTube by creating entertaining videos. You can start by creating interesting, informative, and entertaining content that appeals to a wide audience. You can also use various monetization options such as running ads, selling products, or offering subscription services to help generate revenue. Additionally, you can use social media and other platforms to help promote your videos, as well as collaborate with other content creators to help boost your viewership. With the right strategies in place, you can make money from your YouTube channel and have fun at the same time!

3- Make home recipe videos and upload them on YouTube and earn money

Making home recipe videos and uploading them on YouTube can be an excellent way to earn money. You can create videos that showcase your culinary skills, share recipes, and give helpful tips to other home cooks. Before you get started, make sure to familiarize yourself with YouTube’s guidelines for video creators and get creative with the content you want to create. Additionally, you should research the best practices for optimizing your videos for SEO, as well as how to monetize your YouTube channel. With the right combination of creativity and dedication, you can turn your home recipe videos into a profitable venture.

4- If you are an expert in planting vegetables, make videos and upload them to YouTube and earn money

If you’re an expert in planting vegetables, YouTube is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise! You can make videos that demonstrate your vegetable planting techniques, and even provide helpful tips and advice to other gardeners. You can also monetize your videos by enabling ads and creating a YouTube channel. You can also consider creating a blog or website dedicated to your vegetable planting expertise, as well as selling your own planting kits or products.

5- If you know the market give business ideas to people through YouTube and earn money

Starting a YouTube channel is an excellent way to earn money and provide value to people. To get started, you’ll need to create content that is compelling and informative. You could focus on providing useful information about the stock market, such as reviewing different stocks, discussing market trends and strategies, and offering advice on how to make smart investments. You could also provide reviews of different stock trading tools, tutorials on how to use the tools, and insights into different investment strategies. Additionally, you could create videos on other topics related to the stock market, such as interviews with experts, discussions about the latest news, and tutorials about different trading strategies. Once you have created your content, you’ll need to build an audience and promote your channel. You can do this by using social media, engaging with viewers and other YouTube creators, and optimizing your videos for search engines. If you are successful, you can start to monetize your channel by using ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

6- People are also earning money from YouTube by sharing their morning routine

If you’re looking to make some extra income from YouTube, sharing your morning routine could be a great way to start! It’s important to be creative and informative when creating your videos. Keep your content friendly and try to be thoughtful in your explanations. Additionally, using helpful visuals can help make your videos more interesting and engaging. Remember to stay consistent with your content and be sure to read the YouTube Community Guidelines before posting. With a bit of hard work and dedication, you could potentially make some money from YouTube!

7- You can also earn money from YouTube by making informative videos for kids

Yes, that’s true! Making informative videos for kids is a great way to earn money on YouTube. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and entertain children at the same time. If you have an idea for a video, you can use video editing software to create it, and then upload it to YouTube for everyone to see. Be sure to include keywords in the title and description so that they can be easily found by others.

8- Make people laugh and earn money from YouTube

Making people laugh is a great way to earn money on YouTube! If you have the skills to make people laugh and create content that is unique and entertaining, you can have a successful YouTube channel. Start by brainstorming ideas for funny videos and sketches, practice developing your comedic timing and delivery, and focus on creating content that resonates with your audience. With dedication and hard work, you can make people laugh and earn money from YouTube!

9- If you are a beautician, upload your knowledge video and earn money from YouTube

If you are a beautician, YouTube is a great platform to share your knowledge and earn money! You can create a channel and upload informative videos on beauty topics such as makeup tips, skincare advice, and hair styling tutorials. You can also monetize your channel by enabling ads on your videos and earning revenue from views. If you want to learn more about how to get started, there are lots of great resources online that can help.

10- If you have the knowledge you can tell people how you can make money from the internet.

There are many ways to make money from the internet, depending on your skills and interests. Some of the most common ways include freelancing, affiliate marketing, creating and selling online courses, website design, selling digital products, and creating and selling apps. Before you start, it’s important to research the options and make sure you understand the legal requirements and any regulations associated with making money online. Once you have a plan, it’s important to be organized, stay motivated, and remain patient as you start to build your online business. With dedication and hard work, it is possible to make money from the internet.

11- Recycle broken things at home and make videos and upload them on YouTube to earn money

One great way to make money while helping the environment is to recycle broken items at home and turn them into something new! You can make videos of the process and upload them to YouTube to earn an income. Not only will you be earning money, but you’ll also be helping the environment by keeping items out of landfill and giving them a new life. Plus, it’s a fun creative outlet to explore and can help you learn new skills.

12- Make home improvement videos and earn money from YouTube

That’s a great idea! Home improvement projects can be both rewarding and lucrative. To start making money from YouTube, creating engaging and informative home improvement videos is key. Make sure to provide helpful tips and tricks for each project, and be sure to be creative with your video titles and descriptions. Additionally, ensure you have a call to action in each video, encouraging viewers to subscribe and follow your channel. Leveraging social media, influencers, and other marketing strategies will help you to reach a wider audience and maximize your earning potential.

Complete information from creating a channel to earning money on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is a great way to start earning money online. Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

  • Create a YouTube channel: You can create a channel using your existing Google account, or you can create a new one. Make sure to fill in all the relevant information and customize it to match your brand.
  • Upload videos: Start creating and uploading videos that you think your audience will find interesting. Aim to upload videos on a regular basis so your subscribers know when to expect new content.
  • Enable Monetization: You need to enable monetization in your YouTube settings to start earning money from your videos. Once you have enabled it, you can set up a Google AdSense account where you will receive money for every video view.
  • Promote your content: Once you have uploaded your videos, start promoting them on your social media channels and other platforms. This will help you to grow your audience and get more views.
  • Create a website: Creating a website with a blog is a great way to build an audience and start earning money from your videos. You can also link your website to your YouTube channel so your viewers can learn more about your content.

Following these steps will help you get started on your journey to earning money on YouTube. Good luck!

What is required to get a YouTube channel approved by Google AdSense?

To be approved by Google AdSense for your YouTube channel, you will need to meet their guidelines and requirements. These include having at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months, and a valid linked AdSense account. You’ll also need to adhere to their content policies and create a channel trailer or upload an existing video to introduce your viewers to your channel. Finally, you’ll need to make sure your channel is set to ‘public’ in YouTube Studio. We wish you the best of luck in getting your channel approved!

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