13Coolest gadgets to make your life safer and easier

As science is advancing every day, gadgets are appearing in the market to amaze human life.


Hey guys today’s set of gadgets is full of devices to improve your safety your health and your workflow there are also a couple of neat things for the creators all the links to the products you’ll find in the description below this one’s for your desktop to amaze everyone around you aside from the futuristic look this fountain pen just balances in the air at a 60-degree angle as you’ve already guessed the secret is

The magnetic field is made of aircraft-grade aluminum the pin is comfy to hold and the stainless steel nip spreads the ink evenly on paper the cartridge is easy to refill with any kind of ink with a single pole just in case you’re not into fountain pens there’s a ballpoint version with no less impressive writing qualities and you can turn the pen into a kinetic toy with a simple twist now this thing right here is the swiss

Army knife of the internet age it’s the most compact and smart way to carry six different cables in your pocket the gadget includes two USB connectors two standard USBs as well as lightning and micro USB for all your mobile devices the cables are suitable both for charging and syncing moreover you can use a phone or tablet as a power source you can charge your phone smartwatch or earbuds absolutely no limits know what this thing allows ultra-fast charging at

100 watts the max version gives you even more freedom with its 5-foot length also the gadget’s keyring compatible so it’s super easy to carry around anywhere you go okay here’s the problem most led lighting emits a harmful blue light this desk lamp is your solution to that issue it includes three color settings to accommodate different times of the day, for example, the cool white light is perfect for when you want your space at

Its brightest neutral white light is a must for long periods of work sessions and the warm white light is best to wind down during the evening a built-in 2000 milliamp-hour battery gives up to 20 hours of non-stop working touch panel display on the base allows all the controls nice this is the device you’ve been waiting for it’s designed to improve your zoom meetings giving you some extra control over your video and microphone the

Controller seamlessly toggles between on and off settings with a push of a button you can instantly stop your video from being visible if a family member or pet walks on screen and you’d prefer privacy or you can pause the mic if there are some unwanted sounds in the background everyone around you can see your status as well thanks to the colorful led light one more pro is the device doesn’t need an app or software just plug and play don’t blend business and private life

Keep them separate let’s just see how versatile this thing is so it’s a combo of a security cam a doorbell and a door lock in one body a 2k built-in camera and 160-degree viewing angle allows you to notice every detail even in low light conditions okay but how do you open the door you can do that either with your phone or with your finger since there’s an integrated fingerprint scanner on the upper part of the device an anti-slip film prevents

Your finger from slipping in the rain or snow or you can ask Alexa for some assistance it’s up to you dual detection technology will notify you when someone enters or leaves your home and it’ll definitely notify you of unwelcome guests there’s another option from the same manufacturer it features two cams the first one focuses on the face while the second one shows what’s happening on your welcome mat no more blind spots mobile working is our new reality but

Changing your working places may sometimes turn into a hassle this leather book strap organizer will keep your essentials together in one spot without any bolt it’s double-sided the front part features a name card compartment and some slots for stationery and accessories the other side there are two large compartments for your mobile devices and a pen holder slot the organizer easily fits a5 notebooks ipads and even 15-inch laptops

There’s also that small card wallet as a bonus when creating content good audio is a must here’s a wireless mic that was designed specifically for that purpose the device can be attached directly to your phone or tablet and features a three-in-one universal adapter so the coolest part is that this thing allows you to record crystal clear audio within a 390-foot range the secret is a multi-level noise reduction and an

Included wind muff if you’re still not sure about the quality just connect to the receiver with a wired headset and you’ll be able to monitor and master what you’re recording in real-time a built-in memory card turns the mic into a stand-alone voice recording pen last but not least since the case doubles as a charger you’ll be ready to take the best interviews anywhere and anytime is that a tent or a hammock actually

It’s both so first installing this thing is a five-minute job furthermore the device features a four-inch-thick super cushy inflatable

pad so when you use it as a hammock it hangs from two trees using two straps much like a regular hammock system but thanks to the pad it’s rectangular instead of whatever shape a hammock is it also has a removable bug net and comes with a rain fly to keep you safe from nasty weather and yes you can turn it into a tent if

You happen to be camping where there aren’t any trees all you need is a pair of trekking poles the whole package weighs just under seven pounds and holds up to 265 pounds it’s adventure time it’s the most portable device we’ve seen so far it’s a wireless inkjet printer that you draw across the surface like a pen and it’ll print any image you need no matter the type of surface paper textile leatherwood plane or a curved one the quality of the pick will be just

Good there’s more you can change the printing direction from left to right or right to left which is really useful for left-handed people who find right-handed defaults of pain the printer prints at 600 by 600 dpi and runs up to three hours on one charge just press the power button pair the printer with the app and make all the adjustments the font the color of the text and you’re ready to go meet the coolest fan ever it’ll get rid of those nasty bugs and flies no it

Won’t just blow them away when spinning the device creates light disrupting patterns producing an unnatural environment that insects fly away from bugs avoid this fan and will refuse to fly anywhere near it the blades are completely safe to anyone around they’re soft and the built-in motor will stop immediately when the blades come in contact with an object or hand last but not least the fan is battery powered so you can take this thing anywhere you go

Is that an armadillo well yep it’s an ultimate backpack that’ll protect your precious belongings despite its heavy look it’s lightweight and easy to wear the super-strong shell is made from advanced polymer plastic so it can be folded millions of times without breaking or tearing unlike traditional backpacks it opens up much like a suitcase inside there are several clever compartments for your laptop cables glasses cards and so on the backpack is

Stuffed with some cool features such as exchangeable straps a hidden handle and some pads you can attach to the back for more comfortable wearing oh and there are several color options to choose from [Music] this robot over here was designed to help more people enjoy gardening it’ll get rid of those nasty weeds that are constantly growing out of nowhere the device does that in two ways first its wheels dig up the top layer of soil.

A gadget that cleans your garden and automatically charges you with solar

Stopping weeds from sprouting second if any weeds decide to grow the robot cuts them down with its built-in string trimmer don’t worry this guy’s smart enough to differentiate a weed from a plant you want so your favorite flowers are completely safe one more pro is that this garden tool runs on solar power you don’t need to charge it at all last but not least it’s weatherproof which means your garden will look well maintained in any weather

Meet the smallest the lightest and the most portable air quality monitor and alert device all you have to do is just clip it to your bag or put it in your pocket it’ll record and monitor the levels of polluting gases in the ambient air around you there’s more the device also captures pollution levels measures the temperature VOCs and the likelihood of virus transmission in real-time you’ll see the results on your phone in the dedicated app in a color-coded index

This way you’ll be informed at a glance

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