Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Wall Hanging Lintern Pots For Old Walls.

Recycle Plastic Bottles

Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Wall Hanging Lintern Pots For Old Walls.

Here are some amazing ideas to make  a vertical garden using old plastic bottles.To give your garden a unique look or the wall of your home a creative look we are telling you an amazing DIY wall garden using Plastic Bottles.

Every day we almost throughout so many used plastic bottles. What if we used them in crafting instead of wasting them. In that way, we are creating pollution. These are very hard to decompose, one plastic almost takes 1000 years to decompose. These bottles also create ocean pollution which is harmful to aquatic animals.

It’s good for everyone to recycle them at home by using different DIYs for used plastic bottles to reduce pollution and also to add a creative look in your garden or at your home’s wall.

You can use plastic bottles in  different ways,but here is an amazing DIY to creat a wall garden. Collect bottles as much as you can or much you want to creat a wall garden.

Take some bottles and draw lines like shown in the picture.


After making lines cut them with the help of a cutter or secior. Clean the lines with a cloth. After it make a hole under the bottle.

The hole should be of cap’s size. Now twisting it inside put the top side into the under side hole.Color them differently.

And hang them on your wall.

Use them as mini pots. And plant flower plants. Water them regularly to make growth easier and fast.

Use extra plastic bottles to recycle them like this to save your environment from pollution and to creat something amazing.

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