20 Stunning Glue Gun DIYs and Crafts -5 minute crafts


Glasses hack from glue gun:

Sometimes nose pads from glasses are broken or missing then try this “glue gun hack”.

Take a glue stick and cut it into small pieces. Heat it from the “glue gun” and paste it on pad arms. Here are your glasses and use them without any trouble.

Cookware hacks from glue gun:

When you wash utensils or cookware it slips from your hand. Here is the trick which you try for your ease.

Take a glue gun heat it. When glue melts make a zigzag line on the handles of the cookware.

This is the way you can easily grab it and wash it easily.

Shoe hacks from glue gun:

If your heels/shoes are slippery or not stable on the floor then don’t be worried try this:

Take a “glue gun” and heat it, when glue melts make zigzag lines on the back of heels.

When it dries and hardens you can wear your shoes easily. Now your shoes are stable.


Shirts design from glue gun:

If your shirt/top is simple and you want to convert it into a new shirt then grab your glue gun to make a cool shirt/top.

1.       Take a butter paper and write or draw some thin on this paper from “glue gun”. Make random shapes, flowers or write something.

2.       When it hardens separate this design from paper.

3.       Put this design on the shirt and spray this design with colored water. Remove that sample design from a shirt.

4.       Here the shirt is ready to wear it and enjoy.

Glass decoration from glue gun:

1.       Take a sample sketch sheet or design sheet from the “glue gun” mark the lines on this paper.

2.       When it is hard remove it from paper.

3.       Now take another paper and paste this glue gun pattern on another color sheet.

4.       Now paste it on the glass, here is your decorative glass is ready.


Glue gun stand:

When you are working with a “glue gun” and there is no space to put it on the table because it is hot. Then here is the option for you on your table.

Take a paper clip and use it as a stand. Put paper clip in a diagonal direction and use it as a stand.

Bubbles from Colored straw:

1.       Take colored straws and cut it into small pieces about half an inch. Take another large colored straw, on the top side cover it with hot “glue gun”.

2.       Now paste these straw pieces on large straw by making a unique shape. Firstly put one piece in the parallel direction, again apply glue on this and paste the other two pieces on it in this way paste straws on it and make a diagonal shape.

3.       Dip it into soap water and make bubbles.

Is your phone case too slippery?

If your phone case is too slippery then there is a “glue gun” hack for you. Follow these steps:

1.       Take a phone cover and a colored glue stick.

2.       On your phone cover make random dots of different sizes (small/large) in any shape.

3.       Wait until it dries out, and use it as you want.

There’s that much more reliable.


Earring from glue gun:

It’s time to make unique and stylish studs or earrings at home within a minute. Follow these steps:

1.       You need colored glue sticks, a silicone ice tray, and acrylic paint and earring base.

2.       Take a silicone ice tray and fill it with glue by using a “glue gun”.

3.       When it is hard, separate the glue cube from the ice tray and make a design through acrylic paint.

Now attach an earring base with this. Here is your cool earring/stud is ready.

Door fixing from glue gun:

If your door is not stable and open and shut again and again use this trick.

1.       Take a paper and some empty tubes (which you easily adjust under the door) and a “glue gun”.

2.       Make a random large thick circle and mark the line from tube top to paper and make a shape like a stopper.

3.       Separate this tube from paper.

4.       Now put this tube that attaches with glue between door and floor.

Now the door is fixed.

Headphone organizer:

To make a headphone organizer, hold your glue gun and magic belt.

1.       Firstly take a paper place a magic belt on this paper on one side of the belt to make a square about 2*2 from the middle make a random shape in an inward direction.

2.       When the glue dries separately from paper, wrap your hand-free wires around the glue holder.

3.       By using a magic belt fix it.

Now you easily put your hand free in your bag and carry easily.

Indoor Plant holder:

Follow these steps to make an “indoor plant holder” from “glue gun”.

1.       Take an empty Mason jar make small dots on it.

2.       Paint this jar according to your choice.

Now put some plants in it. Here is your indoor plant holder is ready.

Fridge decoration from glue:

To make unique and handmade fridge decoration at home follow these steps:

1.       You need baking cupcake paper, magnets and colored glue, and a “glue gun”.

2.       In cupcake paper put 2 to 3 small magnets.

3.       Now cover these magnets with some colored glue by using a “glue gun”. Make 2 to 3 layers from chocolate color glue.

4.       Now for topping use some pastry topper and sprinkle on this glue cupcake.

5.       Wait until it dries out, now attach on the fridge door.

In this way, you can make your fridge decoration of any shape or type by glue gun.

DIY badge for a shirt:

To make your unique badge at home follow these steps:

1.       On paper make a cloud shape or any design that you want.

2.       Place two to three needles in that shape.

3.       Fill this shape with help of glue and wait until it dries.

4.       On needle edges attach some beads with help of a glue gun

5.       On the backside of this badge attach a safety pin with a glue gun.

Here is your badge ready.

Clothing décor:

You have to make your fairy lights unique at home with help of a glue gun.

Take an ice tray of heart shape.

Fill this with help of a glue gun; separate this from the tray when it cools down.

Now make a small hole in it by pressing this hot glue gun without glue into this heart.

Now fix this fairy light into this heart hole.

Here is your LED heart fairy lights are ready.

Clothing décor:

·         Take butter paper and make random dots (big/small) with help of a “glue gun”.

·         Now cover these dots with some glitter.

·         When it cools down, separate these dots from paper.

·         Now stick these dots on a shirt.

Glass mat:


To make a colorful glass mat follow these steps:

1.       On butter paper make a circle with colored glue by using a “glue gun”.

2.       Make 5 to 6 circles with a hot glue gun.

3.       When it hards, separate it from paper.

And use it as a glass mat.

Door decoration:

Make a door decoration by using a hot glue gun:

1.       Make a small doll structure like a hangman.

2.       When it cools down, separate it from paper. Now stick a small net on that.

Here is your small doll for door decoration is ready.

Unique painting:

Make a unique painting from “glue gun” in an easy way.

Take a frame and draw the shape of the tree. Now make small dots around this tree shape with green color glue.

Write a small quote on it.

Glue gun cap:

Sometimes the cap of the glue bottle is missing. To protect this from falling, here is the trick:

Grab your glue gun and cover the top of the nozzle/bottle cap by applying hot glue.

XOXO stand:

Take a block of X and O.

Fill it with hot glue by using a glue gun.

When it cools down, separate this hard glue from blocks.

Take a small wire and make 2 to 3 loops and attach it with these glue blocks.

Make 2 to 3 or many you want.


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