A plane bumped into the land At Mardan -Muft Malomat

A plane bumped the land At Mardan-muft malomat

A plane bumped into the land At Mardan

Whose hearts are filled with compassion to serve the aviation, dream to soar high in order to touch the blue horizon.

They creep on tip of their toes at night silently but they emerge with the thunder of air crafts during glinting and glaring light of the day. Their sudden turn up leaves the blue horizon with piercing sound of aircraft.

Being in the state of challenges the Pakistani air force has to perform concurrently several tasks like attacks from outside as well as inside the country. Pakistani armed forces are integral part for making foreign policy as well as do play significant role in legislation of internal policy of the country.

They are always and had been fighting against adversaries who killed thousands and hundreds of the people additionally their efforts to suppress terrorists internationally are a prominent effort made on the part of Pakistani air force persistently.

Pakistan has numerous geographical vulnerabilities. Disasters and tragedy are results of deviating from where precaution measures are not followed which can reduce the probability of accidents.

It had happened several times that air craft crashed in the air and caused death of many people at once. The vulnerable people are helpless to die when a plane crashed in the air. This is not only related to any airline but it could be air craft’s that crashed even after the taking off of few minutes.

We lost many heroes in these tragedies where they met the unexpected accidents and lost their precious and non repairable loss of the life. It was being telecasted that aircraft crashes on September, 22 which crashed near Mardan during its routine training session.

This news falls like huge bomb on the Pakistanis. Nobody knows the soaring fight of this unfortunate jet is going to meet this tragic incident. The plane emerged with its full glory and grandeur when it saw the clear horizon in front of him which he decided to conquer when emerged at the height of thousands of meters.

The vision was clear and run signal was displayed to get ready to touch the sky in addition, the cognation of the pilot was pooped up with the inspiration to touch the unfathomable heights of the sky.
The day was beautiful and pleasant and pilot was on its routine flight to run the jet on the runway before letting it fly high in the air.

Unfortunately the pilot was not able to eject the plane to save his life and embraced martyrdom during tragic accident in the air. The smoke was overpowering the whole area and body of the plane was nothing than mere ashes scattered around on the ground.

The view as usual from the altitude was spell bound and mind was triggered with the ideas of never ending thoughts to defeat the world with smashing zest. The air crafty suddenly rushed downwards with sparks and was half burnt.

The wings of the craft were almost burning and blasting in the air. It was coming down so rapidly that it hit the ground and smashed itself into the dust and over the barren land of Mardan.

This caused deep hole in the ground and kept burning for several hours. The way it was falling to the ground it looked as if a ball of fire is going to explode the whole area.
The bang was so loud that people nearby could not hear one another for a while. As soon as it came down to hit the ground everyone tried to run away in order to save their life but explosion caused everyone to hear the splitting sound and hovered their mind for a longer period of time.

Everyone was running around to find what happened in the air and they also tried to escape that area in order to save themselves as well.People gathered around to see the wreckage of the plane with astonishment and terror.

This mind gripping thinking left the people helpless to determine that what happened to them. The area was dominated for a while to them with blast of thump than burning of the internal part of the craft. People were staying away as well getting close to find the pilot inside the jet.
The scattered pieces of the jet told the enormity of the tragedy which caused the terror in the eyes and heart of the witnesses. They were unable to move for a while when they came to know the presence of the pilot.

The air craft was burnt badly and its ashes marked the area with black color of burning of the things inside the jet. The jet turned into complete wreckage and it was nothing else but heap of rubble and rubbish.

It was burning constantly and it’s not a single part was left which was not damaged completely. It was huge loss for the country as well for the air force because it takes huge effort that a pilot has to do in order to reach that elevated rank of pilot.

We feel sorry for the demise of the precious soul whose efforts to fly high than showing its abilities cannot be miscalculated. The effort they do reach that elevation is remarkable.

It was reported that the board of inquiry has been established in order to dig out the reasons. The occurrences of such crashes are not rare but it has started happening frequently.

This raised questions in many minds that
Why are there no mechanisms which can stop the frequent crashes of the plane?

Why does the inquiry committee disclose the report to the public?

After finding facts why do they not give any solutions to the problems?

Are the aircrafts are worn-out and they need any repair?

Who is to take the responsibility to check the condition of the crafts?

I would leave this open ended in order to invite your opinions that loss the unreapairable life of the pilot cannot be restored. The precious life of these gems causes stinging pain to the very our hearts. Their existences make the country proud and help Pakistan to earn good reputation.

Our hearts ache when news is being telecasted that one of the hero embraced martyrdom during his performance of the duty. Their legacy of sacrifice, earning good reputation and good will to do marvelous things for country make them ready to soar high in the blue horizon and among the white clouds.

It is breath taking moment when plane lost than suddenly turns up with its full glory, causes the hearts of Pakistanis to beat with joy of thrill and enthusiasm.


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