30 Diy Phone Cases to Make in Less Than 5 Minutes-muft Malomat

30 Diy Phone Cases to Make in Less Than 5 Minutes-muft Malomat

DIY tricks and hacks are actually working and beneficial when there’s an emergency or an hour of need. This video tells you how to use glue in various forms in our daily life routine to save time and money.

We can make colorful and beautiful phone cases. These tricks and hacks would definitely help you out in decorating your phone cases or covers.


Glitter Kitty: Take a simple phone case and draw a kitty with transparent nail polish on it, spread glitter on the whole case. Now remove the unnecessary glitter.

Toy cover: Take a plastic ball toy and cut the face side round from it. Now cover your phone case with it and attach os sides.

Colorful cover: take some colorful pipes and cut them into equal pieces, put a blotting paper over it and iron it. Cut it into the shape of the phone case and attach it.

Candy clay: take candy clay and you can make different designs and stuff on your phone case to make it look different and beautiful.

Golden cases: take a transparent case and use some tape strips to design it. Spray the golden spray on it. Now remove the tape strips.

Eye shadow on the case: if you are on a date and wanna set your eye shadow you can attach a small eye shadow kit to your phone case.

Clay Kitty: you can decorate your phone case by making a clay Kitty on it using your craft and can take a small balloon filled with clay to make the kitty’s tummy.

Lights: you can decorate your phone case with the decorations lights and attach it with a battery attached to the Case.

Mirror case: you can decorate your phone case by attaching a mirror on its back to beautify it and for your convenience of use.

Balls: you can also use small, colorful jelly balls to decorate your phone case.

Liquid color: take some liquid colors and try to make some mixed colored design out of it and you can use a straw to blow some colors over there.

Baby toy: you can use a small baby toy to decorate your phone case. Attach its face, arms, and legs and color the other part left behind.

McDonald’s design: make a McDonald’s fries basket with clay on your phone case. Use some yellow sponge to cut fries from it and put them into that clay basket.

Emoji case: Make some round circles out of a soft sheet and microwave them. Draw some emoji faces on them and attach them to your phone case.

Jeans cases: cut a jeans piece to your phone case size and fix it. Now attach a jeans pocket to it. It’s looking beautiful and exceptional. You can also keep money in that pocket.

Omelet case: you can make an egg omelet with clay on your phone case to make it look exceptional and different.

Nail paints case: you can decorate your phone case by using different kinds of nail paints to beautify it.

Feathers decoration: you can use fake bird feathers and beads to decorate and beautify your phone case.

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