5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider 2022

When you decide to create your professional website, or you want to get develope a website for your client, you have to buy a hosting account to host the files of your website. There are so many hosting companies which are offering a variety of services and platforms for their customers. If you are new to this field than you must consider few things before you buy a hosting account from any company. If you buy a hosting account without any knowledge and considering the below-mentioned things, then you might lose your money or at least you find yourself in trouble and you have to do some extra work to get your money back from the hosting company as per their money back guarantee.


5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider


Hosting Technology Platform

Basically, there are 2 different hosting platforms based on its technology. The one is windows hosting while the other is Linux based hosting account. Windows hosting account is mostly used for .net platform websites while the Linux based hosting account is good for PHP websites or WordPress, Joomla and other PHP based script blogs and forums. So before you choose your hosting provider, you must be aware that if the hosting provider is suitable for your website’s technology or not. For example, if you are going to host a website built on ASP.Net then you shouldn’t get SiteGround hosting because they don’t offer Windows-based serves.


Storage Space

If you have a big website that has a lot of media files like pictures and videos, then you should be careful about the hosting space offered by the hosting provider. Normally most of the web hosting provides claims to give you unlimited hosting space on their shared hosting servers. But you should be careful about it as they mentioned in their agreement that the fair usage policy applies. It is not “unlimited” in a true sense. While some other hosts mention the exact hosting space which they are offering for their shared hosting server. It is better that you get the hosting account from a hosting provider who is providing you a clear information that they are offering your 10GB, 20GB or even 50GB space for your basic shared hosting account.


Number of Websites You Can Host

When you are paying 100$ or even more to a hosting provider and you have a plan to host more websites on the same host then you should be careful about it that whether your hosting provider is offering you the freedom to host as many sites as you want to host on your basic hosting account or not? For example, Siteground and Godaddy are best hosting providers but they will allow you to host only one website on their basic shared hosting plan. Whereas, iPage, Fatcow, and some other hosts offer you to host unlimited websites on one hosting account. So be careful about this before you buy a hosting account.


Email Accounts

When you are going to develop a professional website for your business, you might need many email address as well for your website. Like if your website is viralvideonew.com then you might need email address like admin@muftmalomat.com, info, ceo, support, sales, complaints, faq and such other emails at your domain to look more professional and to provide different emails to different departments of your business. Some hosts only allow you to create one email on the basic shared hosting plan and for more emails, you need to buy the add-on services to get extra emails. But there are many companies who allow you create an unlimited email address. So be careful about this as well.


Quality of the Hosting

The most important factor for big websites is the quality of the hosting service. The quality depends on various factors, but here we will mention only two factors.


Speed: The speed of a websites plays an important role in the success. If your site loads faster then your customers will like it and there are more chances of getting sales from the site whereas if the site is taking a long time to load then you might lose a lot of customers.


Uptime: The uptime of the web hosting provider is very crucial. If your hosting provider is down for most of the time then you might have a negative impact on your SEO and for your customers as well. The websites which face downtime most of the time, the user will never visit that website in the future.


Final words:

Though there are many more factors which should be considered before you chose your web hosting provider but these 5 things are most important. So keep these points in mind before you chose your hosting provider.

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