5 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment

5 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment:

Began in 1969 as an academic research network that was funded by the United States Military’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), is now the world’s most popular computer network. It is a global system of interconnected computer networks where each network consists of millions of computers, servers, routers, switches, printers, scanners and a lot more electronic device. It became a commercial network around the globe in the early 1990’s; and is used by more than 2 billion individuals around the world although the users are increasing immensely on a day – to – day basis. People can share information and communicate from anywhere to anyone through the internet. The popularity of internet is revolutionized by the innovation of hand-held devices like iPad, Tablets, Laptops as well as smart phones; they make it possible to access any information from any part of the world in no time.

Internet not only plays a major role in changing our life styles but is also facilitating people to do work from home and can earn a decent income. The term commonly used for a person who is self – employed and works from home is ‘freelancer’. Let’s have a look at some of the ways by which you can make money without any investment:

Be a Virtual Assistant (VA):

Virtual Assistant (VA) is the one who performs the work of a Personal Assistant (PA) in the office environment while not being physically present in the office; rather he performs all these duties virtually whilst sitting at home. Even companies now a days are preferring to outsource their office work rather than having mundanely persons to cut down their money to hire full – time employees. Some of the tasks performed by a VA are as follows:


Administrative Tasks:

They include appointment scheduling, email management, telephonic inquiries and client satisfaction.


Design Tasks:

It includes all the infographics related to styling and making for mobile apps, websites, ads and promos.


Marketing Tasks:

It is to incorporate all the online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization and keyword content techniques.


Programming Tasks:

Encompassing the database and file handling programming techniques and making user friendly apps.


Accounting Tasks:

Handling the ledger and improvising all the monetary transactions.




Be an Article Writer:

Corporate websites, organizations; keep on looking for innovative and qualitative researched content. If you are optimistic, good in writing and can convince the audience to your point of view; there are opportunities for you to be a writer and earn money without paying anything.


Be a Blogger:

If you have unique writing skills, can passionately share your stories, experiences, thoughts, emotions or ideas; ultimate proposal for you to have a gross income from home is blogging. You can join different free platforms as a blogger; or can even have your own blog domain.


Be a Star:

If you are smart and confident enough to record a video, convey your message either a funny or a serious one, or home-made recipes or teaching meditation or yoga; with a genuine video making comprising authentic audio and visual effects. Then you can be a YouTube star by uploading your videos or can even run a YouTube channel through a minimal investment.


Be a Surveyor:

The competition amongst the companies regarding their merchandize is the talk of the town; organizations would love to have the paid surveys to gather the opinions and views regarding their popular products and services. Get yourself registered to the paid survey sites and start getting payment for doing surveys for them.


All that Glitters is not Gold (William Shakespeare). The bright side of the picture has some dark aspects as well; so is the world of internet. Be very precise and particular in working with the sites to avoid all the fraudulent and crooked means. Some of the trustworthy sites open for freelancing worldwide are as follows:


To get more information about making money online without investment, keep visiting our website, which we have shared with you how to earn money, what do you think about it, do tell in the comment below.



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