50 famous Urdu quotes 2023

5 famous Urdu quotes:

  1. “Zindagi bhar ke liye sath nibhana bhi zaroori hai, aur bichad jana bhi” – It is important to stay together for a lifetime, but it is also necessary to part ways.
  2. “Har dil aziz nahi hota, jo dildaar hota hai” – Not every dear heart is affectionate, only the one that is true.
  3. “Mushkilat se nahi, mushkilat ke baad aana chahiye” – We should not run from difficulties, we should come after them.
  4. “Jab tak raaste par ho, manzil tak pahunchana zaroori hai” – As long as we are on the path, it is necessary to reach the destination.
  5. “Zindagi mein kuch lamhe kuch khaas hote hain, un lamhon se pyar karna chahiye”

There are some special moments in life, we should love those moments.

Yes, it is true that there are certain moments in life that are special and memorable. These moments can be big or small, and they often have a significant impact on our lives. They can be moments of joy, accomplishment, or personal growth, or they can be moments of sadness or challenge that help us to learn and grow. Whatever the nature of these special moments, they often stay with us and shape who we are.

5 Urdu quotes about life:

  1. “Zindagi ka sab se bara maza tab hai jab insaan apni zindagi ko khud hi sambhale” – The greatest joy in life is when a person is able to manage their own life.
  2. “Zindagi mein sab se bara khuda ka shukar ada karna hai” – The greatest thing to be thankful for in life is God.
  3. “Zindagi mein har cheez ka maza us waqt hai jab usay apnay haath se banaya jaata hai” – The joy of everything in life is when it is made by one’s own hands.
  4. “Zindagi ka sab se bara sikandar wo hai jo apne aap ko sikandar bana le” – The greatest conqueror in life is the one who conquers themselves.
  5. “Zindagi ka sab se bara maza tab hai jab hum apne aap se aur dosron se sach bolte hain” – The greatest joy in life is when we speak the truth to ourselves and to others.

15 Urdu quotes about life:

  1. “Zindagi ka maqsad hai keh hum apne aap ko insaan banaye” – The purpose of life is to become a human being.
  2. “Zindagi ka har pal ek nai baat sikhati hai” – Every moment of life teaches us something new.
  3. “Zindagi ko jeene ka andaaz seekhne ke liye insaan ko doosron se sikhaai jaati hai” – We learn how to live life by observing others.
  4. “Zindagi ka sabse bara sach yeh hai keh hum mar jaayenge” – The biggest truth of life is that we will all die.
  5. “Zindagi mein sabse zaroori cheez khud se mohabbat hai” – The most important thing in life is self-love.
  6. “Zindagi mein sabse bari sachai imaan hai” – The greatest truth in life is faith.
  7. “Zindagi ka sabse zaroori samaan aadab hai” – The most important thing in life is manners.
  8. “Zindagi mein har waqt naye mausam aate hain” – In life, new seasons always come.
  9. “Zindagi ka har pal ek naya imtehaan hai” – Every moment of life is a new test.
  10. “Zindagi mein sabse zaroori cheez achchai hai” – The most important thing in life is goodness.
  11. “Zindagi ek safar hai, aur safar ki har manzil par khushi aur gam milte hain.” (Life is a journey, and at every destination of the journey, happiness and sorrow are found.)
  12. “Zindagi aik maqsad hai, jisay pura karnay ki koshish karni chahiye.” (Life is a purpose, one should try to fulfill it.)
  13. “Zindagi ke safar mein, har insaan ka apna maqsad hota hai.” (In the journey of life, every person has their own purpose.)
  14. “Zindagi mein sab say zaroori cheez woh hai jo insaan ko khush rakhti hai.” (The most important thing in life is that which keeps a person happy.)
  15. “Zindagi mein sab say bari cheez woh hai jo insaan kisi doosray ke liye kar sakta hai.” (The greatest thing in life is what one can do for others.)

5 Islamic quotes in Urdu:

  1. “Allah ki rehmat aur us ke karam se koi shakhs zinda rehta hai.” (Translation: “By the grace and kindness of Allah, a person remains alive.”)
  2. “Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai.” (Translation: “The fruit of patience is sweet.”)
  3. “Iman ka saath sabar ka saath hai.” (Translation: “Faith is accompanied by patience.”)
  4. “Jo shakhs apne aap ko Allah se zyada mohabbat karega, wo har gham se nijat paayega.” (Translation: “Whoever loves himself more than Allah will find relief from all sorrows.”)
  5. “Sabr aur shukr Allah ki nemat hai.” (Translation: “Patience and gratitude are gifts from Allah.”)

5 more Islamic quotes in Urdu:

  1. “Allah ki taraf se sab kuch ata hai, Allah ki taraf se sab kuch jata hai.” (Translation: “Everything comes from Allah, and everything returns to Allah.”)
  2. “Allah ki rehmat se har mushkil aasan ho sakti hai.” (Translation: “With the mercy of Allah, every difficulty can be made easy.”)
  3. “Allah ke hukm se har cheez tayyar hai.” (Translation: “Everything is prepared according to the command of Allah.”)
  4. “Allah ke liye sab kuch hai, Allah ke bina sab kuch nahi hai.” (Translation: “Everything is for Allah, and without Allah, there is nothing.”)
  5. “Allah ke sath sab kuch hai, Allah ke bina sab kuch nahi hai.” (Translation: “Everything is with Allah, and without Allah, there is nothing.”)

I hope these quotes are helpful to you. May Allah guide you on the path of righteousness and bless you with wisdom and understanding.

5 life quotes in Urdu:

  1. “Jeevan ek sair hai, safar ek daur hai, guzar jaane do har ek mor hai.” (Life is a journey, every moment is a phase, let it pass.)
  2. “Jeevan ek sachchi dost hai, jo hamesha saath rehta hai, chahe kuch bhi ho.” (Life is a true friend, who always stays with you, no matter what.)
  3. “Jeevan ek khel hai, kisi ko hasil hai, kisi ko haar hai.” (Life is a game, some win, some lose.)
  4. “Jeevan ek safar hai, jo hum sab ke liye alag alag hai.” (Life is a journey, different for everyone.)
  5. “Jeevan ek anokha safar hai, jo hamesha humein naye raaste dikhati hai.” (Life is an amazing journey, always showing us new paths.)

5 sad Urdu quotes:

  1. “Zindagi mein sab se bari sakhti yeh hai ke koi apna ho ke bhi koi doosra ho jaye.” (The greatest pain in life is when someone you love becomes someone else.)
  2. “Sab kuch luta ke bhi kuch na pa saka, mujh ko yeh zindagi hi bewafa nikli.” (Even after losing everything, I couldn’t get anything, this life proved unfaithful to me.)
  3. “Jab log apne apne raaste chalte hain, toh dukh hi hota hai, keh woh hamare saath nahi chal rahe.” (It’s sad when people walk their own paths, not with us.)
  4. “Muskurana hi khushi nahi hoti, kabhi kabhi yeh sirf aansuon ko chupana hota hai.” (Smiling is not always happiness, sometimes it’s just a way to hide tears.)
  5. “Dard ko ab mere saath chalna hai, yeh hi meri manzil hai, yeh hi meri rahon mein hai.” (Now the pain has to walk with me, this is my destination, this is my path.)

5 more Urdu Quotes Sad:

  1. “Aansoo bahaana to aadat hai hamari, dard chhupaana to fitrat hai hamari.” (Tears are a habit of ours, hiding pain is our nature.)
  2. “Sab kuch luta ke aaj bhi usko paana na aaya.” (I lost everything, but I still couldn’t get her.)
  3. “Gham-e-duniya se nijaat paane ki dua karo.” (Pray for relief from the sorrows of the world.)
  4. “Har cheez dukh ki simt le jaati hai, ab kya rakha hai is dard bhare jeevan mein.” (Everything takes me towards sorrow, what is left in this life filled with pain?)
  5. “Yeh dard-e-dil ki mehfil saji hai, aaj phir tanhayi ka musafir hu main.” (This gathering of heartache is decorated, today again I am a traveler of loneliness.)



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