A collection of different wedding dresses

A collection of different wedding dresses

How are you, everyone… I’m Natasha Waqas I had purchased some dresses in collaboration with a brand, for a wedding I’ll share with all of you guys.

Because many girls were asking for a Pakistani page from which they can purchase dresses for weddings From where they can get good and inexpensive dresses One of my dresses is hung in the cupboard, I show it to you Ok! One dress is This is long maxi type frock, fully embraided Its “Daman” is so beautiful.

Look at this Its work is so decent Its “Dupatta” is also very beautiful There is ken under it, I show you There are its “Plates” This is its “Peti” This is the style of its sleeves which is so beautiful and I also attach the inner in the sleeves I stitched it by giving my measurements I show you from its back but first I show you from the bottom This is ken attached Ken ken is a little bit high.

The length of ken is finishing here, from above the border Because its flare is high, on the bottom there is embroidery ken is attached here, so I show you from the far that frock is looking bloated It is like this from the back I thought to show you from the back also, so you may understand it better

The style of the neck from the back is also the same There is the work of very beautiful “Tila” embroidery on it This is its sleeves It is not empty from the back, infect this dress is full heavy from backside Now, I show you that how is its “Dupatta and Shalwar”, by wearing it This is our “Mehndi” dress I wore it to show you

You can see that its color combination is so beautiful This is peach-colored beautiful frock Its neck design is so beautiful, especially sleeves style The combination of its orange “Dupatta” is looking so good Now I’ll set the camera properly The cloth of its trouser is also very beautiful,

I show you You can see, Its “Daman” is so good This is the cloth of its trouser, it is the Capri, in silk and it is very comfortable
The whole dress is very comfortable I had liked specially the color combination of this dress Peach and orange

And it was looking so good on me because my color is not too far, but still, it was looking good and its flare was looking so good due to the ken especially its “Daman”, It was not too much long Overall dress was looking so beautiful Now we’ll move towards the second dress was this You can see, I think this is the replica of “Shahposh” I liked its color a lot I liked its embroidery, patches on sides and panels I like the embroidery dress but like this Decent embroidery which look beautiful to eyes

If someone sees your dress then he/she must say that I want to buy the dress like this Backside of this dress is like this. It is plain from the back
Its sleeves are the same from the front and back It is in organza The inside linen is of soft cloth So, I show it to you by wearing so that you can also see its “Dupatta and Shalwar” You can see that its color is looking so beautiful and this dress is looking more beautiful by wearing There are some dress which not look beautiful but that dresses look more beautiful by wearing You can see that the work of its neck is looking so beautiful and dress is looking beautiful by wearing and it is looking so much beautiful that it is not looking that this is in very low price.

There are embroidery patches on both sides of its Capri Its “Dupatta” is simple and there is golden lace on both borders of it. But it’s simple Dupatta is looking good. If there will be heavy dupatta, then surely it will not look so good The reason is this, there is a design on its Capri and shirt Its daman and neck is also very heavy But the dress is looking very classic I liked this dress a lot I had liked this dress the most in the three dresses I think, Its color was looking very beautiful on me The next dress is “Sarai” Although I don’t know how to wear the Sari

And Sana Javed is a hot topic, in the news nowadays So she had worn these saris and she wore it in a good way but I couldn’t even wear this sari It had been taking one hour to set this sari Well! I’m showing you the pack in which I had received the clothes You can see that there is the tag “Suits by Sadia” on it, because I received it from them Now I show you by placing it Ufff! It is looking so beautiful Its color is pure “Sindori” red color and the style of its “Choli” and the design of its “Choli” You can see that there is embroidery on both sides of its choli

The plates that tailor had made on it, gives the best shape of the figure and there is a zip and hook on the backside of choli Its embroidery is very beautiful and decent There were some threads that I broke with hands and made it neat Its sleeves are so beautiful Sari is also very beautiful The cloth of linen under is the sari was also very beautiful I’m also showing it to you from the back You can see that there is zip and hook The complete zip will be opened and you’ll wear it easily This is the trouser to wear under it I show you that the complete set

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