Aayu and Pihu: A Family Comedy Horror Short Story

Aayu and Pihu: A Family Comedy Horror Short Story


Aayu and Pihu were called by their mother to play carrom, but they wanted to do something different for a change. They decided to tell horror stories instead and create a spooky atmosphere.

Setting the Scene

The lights were turned off, and they lit a candle to add to the eerie ambiance. Aayu suggested using a torch while telling the stories, making it even more thrilling.

First Horror Story

Aayu volunteered to go first and started telling a story about two sisters named Tanu and Prachi. They were on a trip with their mother and encountered strange occurrences at a petrol station. The story revolved around their encounter with a mysterious grey car and people with no eyes.

Second Horror Story

It was Pihu’s turn to tell a story, and she shared a chilling tale about Gunjan, who met a friend named Rohit on a highway. However, she later discovered that Rohit had passed away years ago in an accident on the same highway. Gunjan found a newspaper from the past in her car, leaving her terrified.

A Funny Horror Story

Aayu decided to lighten the mood and told a funny horror story. It was about a wedding photographer who started getting jobs at ghost weddings. Despite the ghostly nature of the events, the photographer ended up becoming a millionaire.


Although they enjoyed the horror stories, Aayu and Pihu reassured themselves that ghosts aren’t real. They had a fun and spooky time together, emphasizing that there’s no need to be scared of ghosts.
As the story concluded, Aayu and Pihu continued their activities, laughing and enjoying their time together, creating memories filled with laughter and love.

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