Affiliate Marketing Complete Course

Affiliate Marketing Complete Course

Affiliate Marketing has been a great source of income for so many people. This article is helpful for you if you are a beginner or practicing affiliate marketing. This article is useful for those who were working in affiliate marketing but are not getting success. You will learn a lot from this article. With our free affiliate marketing course in English, you will learn affiliate marketing for beginners. This Affiliate Marketing tutorial will get to know what is affiliate marketing? How to start affiliate marketing for beginners.

Watch this full course, and you will learn how to start affiliate marketing which will help you make money online and make money as commission or service. Affiliate marketing is the exercise where you can make money in the form of commission for marketing other company’s products or services. Offering bonuses to potential customers is the best example of the same.

Lecture No : 1-2

  In this lecture, we will talk about what is affiliate marketing? and its scope. In this course, we will talk about two topics.

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Scope and future of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

“Affiliate marketing is process of earning commission by selling someone product or by promoting someone product or service.”

We sell or promote a company’s product, we are told a percentage of the profit that the company makes from it, which you will get in the form of commission.

It can take two forms. One is that you earn money in the form of commission or the other is that you have to deal with the company that you have to fix 50 or 100 $ or any amount in selling a product. Thus, there is a mutual understanding between the product seller and the product owner.

There are 3 important things in the affiliate market.

  • Affiliates/ product seller
  • Vendors/ product owner
  • Affiliate platforms/ websites

The only affiliate marketing we are talking about is online affiliate marketing. When we search on the internet, ” How to earn money online?”. We find that affiliate marketing or blogging is most suggested.

If we sell or promote a company’s product or service, the vendors will pay us a commission in return because we have helped him sell the product.

How to Generate Audience:

The game is about the audience. If I tell the product owner that I will sell these products then it also needs the audience to sell it and to bring the audience we need to know some sources and then we have to create a page for selling. Will have to bring traffic. Then when there is traffic, the audience will come. If the audience comes, then the products will be sold.

In affiliate marketing, we should always choose products according to our interests. If we do not have products according to our Niche then we may have difficulty

Affiliate Marketing Gives Birth to other Businesses:

It has become an affiliate company that calls itself an affiliate platform.

So, the affiliate comes to these platforms, registers themselves and chooses the products of their choice, approves of them and uses the services that are their selling service, and earns the commission.

How To Promote These Products:

There should be traffic to the source as soon as the product is sold. The most important thing in affiliate marketing is traffic. It is our job to figure out how to reach the audience. It requires some resources. Which you will know in this course

  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Listing
  • Webinars

Scope and Future of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing is very effective at driving online sales. today it fuels approximately 15% to 20% of total online sales.
  • IMAP( Internet and Mobile Association of Pakistan) has reported that the affiliate marketing industry in Pakistan would cross the $835 million mark by the year 2025.
  • Scope of passive income
  • Major Companies today are dependent on Affiliate Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing is used in almost all the niches today.
  • Recurring Comissions.

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