Akhuwat Foundation Housing Loan 30 Hazar se 1 laakh Qarza

Akhuwat Foundation Housing Loan 30 Hazar se 1 lakh tak complete detail in Urdu 2022

Viewers In this video I am told that if you can take a loan of Rs. 30,000 to Rs 1,00000 How can you apply for this loan? What documents should you have and which people will apply in Punjab Pakistan?

Akhuwat Foundation Pakistan is an organization that helps the poor people of Pakistan and provides interest-free loans to those who are not eligible to build a new house and who do not have the money to build a new house without interest. Poor people can build a house with this money by giving loans. Those who earn money are capable of earning money. In the name of a hardworking man, he himself provides a loan to such a servant.

Those who want to rebuild their five-marla house and repair their house can benefit from this new offer of the Akhuwat Foundation Housing Loan Scheme. If you have a five-marla house and you want to make some updates to it, you want to have your house repaired, you want to build a new kitchen in your house, then Akhuwat Foundation will give you interest-free from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 100,000. Provides loan

Complete Details  About Akhuwat Foundation Housing Scheme 2022


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