All you need to know about krulous Osman season 3- Muft Malomat 

Know about krulous Osman season 3-

All you need to know about krulous Osman season 3 

The highly anticipated Krulous Osman season 3 will be release on 6th october,2021

After a huge success of ertugal , which was broadcasted on ptv last year, a new drama Krulous osman was broadcasted on Geo tv, which got a huge success again. It got popularity on international platforms as well as in Pakistan. In Pakistan it got all the praise which this drama really deserves.

In Pakistan , after the huge popularity and success of Dilgris ertugal, a new season of this series was introduced as Krulous Osman. Krulous Osman season 1 was aired on geo tv  . Now two seasons have ended and now people are anxiously waiting for the 3rd season. 

For the people who have been waiting for the 3rd season of Krulous Osman, do not have to wait much longer because it is releasing on 6th october, 2021.


On 6th october, 2021 Krulous Osman season 3 will be aired in Pakistan, London, United kingdom and Turkey.

In Pakistan it will be aired on ATV at 10:00 pm on Saturday.




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