ALLAH Akbar’s Slogan of a Brave Muslim Girl, Modi Government’s Speech Stopped!

ALLAH Akbar’s Slogan of a Brave Muslim Girl, Modi Government’s Speech Stopped!

Modi government made it difficult for women to wear hijab. It has become difficult for Muslim women in India to wear hijab. In the Indian state of Karnataka, life has been made difficult for hijab-wearing female students۔ Students are banned from wearing hijab in Karnataka. The students knocked on the court door to overturn the ban, but the hearing was not held. In India, the life of a Muslim girl wearing a hijab has become so unbearable that RSA makes it difficult for girls wearing hijab to cross the road.

In college, extremists chanted slogans and tried to harass a girl with hijab, but the girl retaliated and silenced everyone.

Background of this Incident:

A video surfaced on Tuesday showing Indian extremists harassing a Muslim girl in a hijab. Muskan Khan is a Muslim girl. She was harassed by boys in Karnataka. She came to PES College to sit for the lower part two examinations.

Muskan enters the college in her Scotty. She is wearing a burqa. As she entered the building, the extremists started chanting slogans of their gods and harassing her. Demonstrating bravery, Muskan started chanting ALLAH-u-Akbar and said in a local language, “Don’t we have the right to wear hijab?”.

Statement of Muskan:

According to Muskan,” she has always been wearing the burqa. She goes to class and takes off her burqa. She wears the only hijab in class. She says her principal never objected, and the commotion has been going on for the past two weeks. She says she went to submit the assignment. I was wearing a burqa, and they were not allowing me to enter the college. As soon as they saw me, they blocked my way and started shouting slogans of their gods, I also started shouting ALLAH-u-Akbar’s slogan”.

The brave girl gave a blunt answer to Modi’s punk state. Indian courts are also Modi’s puppets, so Modi’s secular face has been completely exposed. When Modi has raised the issue of closure, it will lead to the ruin of his country.

Educational institutions closed for  3days:

To avoid riots, the Modi government closed schools for 3days but doing so will not stop the ruin of India. Modi has sown the seeds of Hindu-Muslim division in India. Its fruit is to be found and to cause the ruin of India.

Indian Actors Comment on this Incident:

Many Indian actors have expressed embarrassment and remorse over the incident

 Statement of Pooja Bhatt:

Popular Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt posted the video on her social media account and wrote that “men need a mob to intimidate a woman as usual. He reprimanded the students and tweeted, that if they try to hide their weaknesses by using shawls, as a weapon then it is an insult to human beings”.

A large part of the lost generation has fallen victim to hatred

Mehbooba kishti statement:

Former Chief Minister of Indian-administered Kashmir Mehbooba Kishti tweets that “harassing a Muslim girl in broad daylight without fear shows that such slaves have the patronage of those in government. Such incidents are not mere incidents. But the BJP hopes that such incidents will help them win the UP elections”.

Similarly, many celebrities have condemned the incident and criticized the Modi government. The Pakistan government in its tweets paid homage to Muskan and criticized the Modi government of India.


This Modi government is happy to oppress the minorities. She is going to eliminate minorities with her wisdom but in reality, she is preparing to eliminate India.

Because wise decisions are not like that. Wisdom and understanding are in winning hearts but what is happening in India is in front of you.

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