Amazing Diys For Your Garden And Helpful Plants Tips

 Amazing Diys For Your Garden And Helpful Plants Tips 

Everyone loves gardening and always tries to have a beautiful garden to get a peaceful place. Your garden shows what kind of person you are. So here we are telling you some amazing DIYs for your garden to give it a unique and amazing look.

Use of tire as a Pond:
 You can use different ideas to make your garden look great, but here we are presenting an amazing idea of making a DIY pong using a tire. First of all clean all the mess from your garden, take a large size of tire. Now you need large size plastic bags to cover it all. After covering it apply some cement on its edges. Then put some stones of middle size all over the tire. Cover them also by using cement. Put some artificial stones on wet cement and let them attach to it. After it dries use different kinds of artificial plants. you can plant them also and they can be your favorite kind of mini flowers all over the tire. After it adds some clean water into the tire, add some fishes and your amazing DIY pond is ready to enhance the beauty of your garden.
Seed Planting:
 In this age of hurries and worries, we all need some shortcuts in our lives. Hare we a suggesting an amazing idea to plant seeds. You don’t need to bend down. Strike your foot on the ground in two or 3 places and put some seeds in these holes. Cover these seeds with soil using your foot.
Replanting of Little Plant:
 Another tip of planting is the hare. If you are planting little plants like we got it m the market and want to replant them, and you fear that they might break their use of plastic pipe is amazing Take a plastic pipe cut it upper half side,3cm or 4cm from down. put the mini plant in it and after making a hole put this pipe in the hole, do empty it and cover it with soil safely sing your hand.
 Bug Exterminator:
 If you are worried because of bugs eating your plants that are spoiling the beauty of your garden,  then use this amazing hack to get rid of these bugs. You just need to spread backing soda around your plant but for this use an amazing tip. Take a large water bottle cut it into two parts.  By using its upper side with a stick in its hole to hold it, put it on your plant and spread the backing powder around it. It will protect your plant from soda and also create a circle around your plant to take the bugs away from it.
Fast Growth of seed into Plants:
 If you want to see some fast progress in your garden, we bring you an amazing idea. By using it you’ll see the fast growth of your seeds into Plants. So for this amazing DIY, you just need to dip your seeds into the water for 2 to 3 days. Seeds will become soft and it is easy for them to raise fast. Seeing this fast growth you gonna love it.

Soil Nourishment:

If the soil of your garden get dries and leaves a bad effect on your garden. You can nourish your garden’s soil using this tip. The tip is unique and easy. You just need a large water bottle and make some holes into it using any sharp material. Make a hole in the ground near the plant you to nourish according to the size of the bottle. Fill it with water and put it into the hole. It will nourish the soil and make your plants fresh. Pests of Leafy Vegetables: Sometimes you find different types of pests on your leafy vegetables such as; Aphids Caterpillars Cutworms Grasshoppers and locusts Thrips Weevils Whiteflies Mites Here is an amazing idea to remove them from your vegetables before cooking. Take a bowl add some water and leafy vegetables you are going to cock, sprinkle some salt in the bowl. And you’ll see that it separate the pests from your vegetables.
Decorate your Garden:
Everyone wants his or her garden to be looked great. So with a small effort, you can also make it possible. Take jeans you are not wearing to give an amazing look to your garden. Fill its legs with some cotton and a flower pot in its waist area. Put it in your garden you can also use your joggers on the end of the jeans to add some more beauty. It will look like that someone is sitting in your garden holding a flower pot.
Handmade Pot: 

Different types of pots increase the beauty of your garden. We can easily buy them from the market but how it is to make a pot at the home of your own choice. So here we a telling you your amazing idea to make it possible. Take 1 ltr water in a jar add some Orthoprint 450 g. Mix it well using your hand. After mixing it put your hand in it closing the fist by making a little gap in it. After it makes it’s the place to set in stretch out your hand and some Gypsum in it. Let it dry and remove the Orthoprint from all around the Gypsum which is now your pot. Put it on your favorite place in your garden. Add some soil in the first and plant any kind of small plant. And your amazing DIY pot is ready.

Making of Lamp Stand Using Pots: 

To make your garden look amazing at night here we are making a lampstand. You can also use this idea to decorate your garden. Take 3 pots of different sizes. Color them of your choice. Put the first one on the floor and then second on it and third at last. Now use it as a lampstand. Stunning Succulent Idea: Besides decorating of garden you can also decorate your home walls using these amazing ideas.
 Mini Pots:
 Pots of different sizes more uniqueness to your garden. You can make them at home. For this amazing DIY, you just need cement. Take some empty juice or milk packs cut their upper side and pure cement in them. After this put another circular thing in it to make a hole in it to plant plants. Let it dry and remove the milk pack. You can also color them to make them more beautiful. Now you can plant seeds or plant in them.
Wall Hanging Plant Frame : 
You can decorate your home walls using this amazing tip. Take a photo frame. Remove its mirror and attach a net with it. Now you need a wood box. Add some soil to the box and put the frame on it. Add your favorite mini plant to it and decorate your wall with it.
Bug Exterminator: 
If bugs are eating the leaves of the plants. You can use handmade pesticides to get rid of them. Take an onion and Garlic. Cut them into small pieces. Add some water in a bowl add onion and garlic aad some chili powder, some liquid soap mix them well, and leave overnight. And then spray the plants to get rid of bugs.
Plant Seeds Evenly: 
You can make seed planting easier by using this tip. Take an egg tray make holes using it in the ground. It makes some even holes for planting.
 Natural Fertilizer:
Fertilizers play an important role in the growth of plants. You can also make a natural fertilizer at home. Take different veggies. Blend them in a mixer and use them as a natural fertilizer.



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