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Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard

Useful GARDENING Hacks You Need to Try  Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Backyard.

Here are some amazing garden hacks and tricks which work and really help you in doing gardening and managing gardening equipments easily.

Watering can: you can use a used petroleum can to do watering in your garden by making holes in it and one hole in the hand side tp control the water flow from it.

Fixing Hook into wall: use a drill machine and change its knob by a attach the key with the hook and start to drill and the hook is fixed in the wall.

Plucking fruit from trees: take a long stick and attach a plastic bottle to it with a big hole on its lower you can easily pluck the fruits from the trees.

Tyre grill: take the big inner metal of a tyre and put woods in it.burn the woods to coal and now place a grill over it to grill meat on it.

Painting by gloves: take a plastic glove and wear it, now wear a wool glove over it and now you can paint a table or anything with your gloves fingers easily.

Taking off gloves: sometimes you take off your gloves and it makes your hands muddy. When you do it carefully by taking them off by their top ends, it will be clean.

Gardening equipments arrangement: take a pool pipe and some boxes. Make small cuts in the pipe to place the sticks in them and arrange the boxes one over the other to keep the other equipment and machines.

Cleaning leaves: you can clean the leaves from a place by using a hair dryer.

Carrying fruits: if you have to carry fruits and you don’t have basket them you can make a basket or carrier from your apron by attaching the sides.

Broken stem: if you see a broken stem of a tree them cover it by cutting a plastic bottle vertically and then filling it with soil. Its roots will grow out and now you can place the rooted stem in a pot to grow a plant.

Harvest Herbs: Always harvest the herbs with a fork to prevent its stem to damage.

Watering herbs: you can water your little herbs by making tiny holes in the water pipe and placing it in the soil.

Prevent water lodged soil: you can Prevent water lodged soil by using plastic cups and making holes in them. Place them into the soil and fill it with water.

Plucking berries: take a glass jar and cover it with vertically attaching chop sticks around it. Now you can easily pluck berries by it.

Keeping the soil moist: you can use sanitary pads in the soil of the pot to keep the soil moist.

Plucking oranges by pipe: take a big pipe and plucking oranges by it. Add a basket or any carrier on the other side of the pipe.

Plucking small beans: If you have to pluck small beans , then use a comb for plucking them out.

Dog’s water bottle: a special water bottle is designed for dogs to prevent them to drink dirty water from the roads or parks.

Empty garden: If you’re feeling that your garden is empty. Take a glass jar full of water, mix activator and grass seeds in it and spray it all over your garden where you feel emptiness to grow grass there rapidly.

Taking potatoes easily: If you have grown a potato plant in the pot them make a hole on the lower side of the pot to take the grown potatoes out easily.

Modern matches: you can now have modern matches to make fire anywhere you want. It doesn’t get wet or damaged by water.

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