Amazing Parenting Tips For New Parents – 5 minute crafts

 Amazing Parenting Tips For New Parents:

Becoming a parent can be one of the most amazing and stressful experiences anyone can be through. Not only because you have to take care of a cute tinny baby but also because it completely changes your life. So here we wanted to share with you some of our most amazing and interesting life hacks that every parent should learn before their baby is born. These tips are very unique and creative that’ll prove you, good parents. And for all these hacks You don’t need to pay much.

Calm Your Baby:

Babies are always too much attached to their moms. They always want them near. If you are busy and your child wants to be with him while sleeping. Try this amazing hack to let him or her sleep well. In order to calm your baby and help it to get back to sleep without crying fill a glove with rice and place it on your baby’s back in order to get him to sleep well.

Extend the Faucet of your Sink:

If your baby struggles while washing hands use this amazing hack to extend the faucet of your skin. For this hack, you only need an empty conditioner bottle. Cut it from its bottom and extend the faucet of the sink.

Children while Playing with colors:

Every child loves to play with colors. And while playing with the colors they ruined their clothes. Sometimes they are wearing new. Use this amazing DIY idea to save their clothes.use this type of plastic bag as a top.

DIY Bib:

Little ones tend to create a huge mess when are eating so a bib doesn’t do the job when you need it. It would be best if it is a full-body covering bib. Here is an amazing idea to make a DIY bib. Use your old towel for 
this hack. Cut it from the very center as a neck hole. You can let this wear to your child while eating to avoid mess.

Mess while Eating:

If your little child creates a mess while eating you can try this amazing hack to avoid the unwanted mess. Use this type of plastic that sticks to your table.

Give your baby’s food in sticks to the dining table and doesn’t let your child drop their food on the floor or table.

Handwash Hack:

If your little one drops out handwash while washing his or her hands use this hack to avoid wasting your handwash using a rubber band.

Hide your Money:

You can reuse an old teddy as a little hiding place for your candies and money. Cut and separate your old teddy’s neck. Put a jar in its body and attach it with glue. Now attach its cap to the teddy’s neck. You can easily open and close it.

Beautiful Gold Fruit Bowl:

If your children are growing and you don’t feel good to throw their old toys. Here is an amazing DIY idea to reuse them. We’ll tell you some amazing hacks. Take some toys and put them into a glass bowl and another on it to give a proper shape.

Now melt it using the microwave. Let it dry and color it. The DIY gold bowl is ready.

Wall Hanging:

Here is another idea to reuse your child’s toys as a wall hanging.

Toothbrush Holder:

In order to encourage your child to brush their teeth more often we are telling you how to convert toy dinosaurs into toothbrush holders by making some holes in it to keep brushes in it

Decorating Jars:

An amazing idea to decorate your jars with your kid’s old toys by coloring them.

Amazing Picture Frame for Kids:

You can make a beautiful picture frame for your kids using their old toys.

 Learning Games For your Kids:

You can make your kids learn while playing with this amazing hack. You can make pattern cards for them to play pattern games.

Color Matching Popsicles:

You can make popsicles for your kids to let them introduce themselves with colors.

Color Matching pallet:

To introduce your children to colors, making of color pallet is also amazing. Take a hardboard and cut it into the shape of the pallet. Arrange different colors. Make colored sticks to match them.

Measuring Toilet Paper:

If your kids find trouble in measuring the right size of toilet paper then use this hack to avoid them from trouble.

Help your kids in identifying left and right:

Kids often mix up left and right while wearing their shoes. Use this amazing tip to let them easily find left and right. For this, you can attach any type of sticker to their shoes.


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