An Overview Of Rose And Types Of Roses

Roses have been recognized as an emblem of love and beauty since time immemorial. Endless lovers have expressed their love to their beloveds with this beautiful genus of flower while several people quench their fervor for nature by planting roses in their gardens. There are some exotic varieties of roses bestowed to us by nature, each with breath-taking beauty and colors. The fragrance of roses has always been touching the hearts of people all around the world. In the arena of flowers, roses are without doubt the queen of flowers. Be it any occasion… birthday, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day… there is certainly no better flower to present to your loved ones than roses.

An Overview Of Rose And Types Of Roses

One of the most striking features about roses is that they can easily be grown in your home garden. You can find several types of roses. They have different appeal for different people. Here we have some general information on various types of roses.

Types of Roses

1. Climbing Roses. As the name tells, these types of roses can grow very high. If you wish to have them in your garden, they can help you form very fine backdrop. You can find them in multiple colors. As they also grow many times a season, you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

2. Old Garden Roses.

One of the most primitive kinds of roses is the Old Garden Roses. They are very popular for their enchanting fragrance. You can find Old Garden Roses in a number of sizes and in several striking colors. Since they bloom multiple times, you can benefits from this genre of roses many times in a season. Moreover, they are also tough flowers and can resist harsh weather.

3. Hybrid Teas.

Another popular type of roses is the Hybrid Teas. They are obtainable in many beautiful shades. They have a long stem and a single flower.

4. Floribundas.

This type of roses is small in size. You normally find them in bunches instead of single flower. People who do not have big yard can easily grow this rose in the little space as they are small in size.

5. Miniature Roses.

You can opt to have Miniature Roses in case you do posses a garden. They can be managed in-door. You will certainly love these small beautiful roses.

All these beautiful roses are available easily. In case you would like to make them a part of your garden, you need to know the space available to you. Besides, they make all time favorite gifts for anyone you love. Just pick the rose of your choice and let it say it all for you.

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