Anne Curtis, Ready to Run for a Meaningful Cause in the 2023 Tokyo Marathon

Anne Curtis Will Run the 2023 Tokyo Marathon for a Good Reason

Filipino actress and TV anchor Anne Curtis is making news as she runs the 2023 Tokyo Marathon on Sunday, March 5, with her husband, Erwan Heussaff, and their daughter, Dahlia. The pair is utilising this big occasion to raise donations for UNICEF Philippines, which helps abused Filipino children recover.



Curtis travelled to Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd birthday days before the marathon. On March 3, 2023, she posted her marathon preparations on Instagram. She exclaimed, “Mama’s turn!” Bib! Ready! The worrisome part—two antigen testing on Sunday.”

Curtis is running the marathon for herself and to help others. She raises money for abused children with UNICEF Philippines. Curtis runs the marathon to motivate others to support this worthy cause.

UNICEF Philippines Significance

UNICEF Philippines has diligently improved Filipino children’s lives for over 70 years. The organization’s goal is to give every kid education, healthcare, protection, and opportunity. Millions of Filipino youngsters still lack safe water and sanitation.

UNICEF Philippines’ biggest issue is child abuse. Physical, sexual, and mental abuse affects thousands of Filipino children annually. Without assistance and treatment, these traumatic occurrences may damage their mental and physical health.

Supporting UNICEF Philippines helps these children get counselling, medical care, and legal aid. UNICEF Philippines can safeguard children and improve their futures with your support.

Marathon Challenges

Even seasoned marathoners struggle. To prepare psychologically and physically for the challenge, it requires months of hard practise. This is much harder for busy mother and star Anne Curtis.

Running big distances is only part of marathon preparation. To stay fit, you must balance training, nutrition, and rest. To enhance her marathon performance, Curtis has been training for months and following a rigorous food and sleep routine.

Running a marathon is stressful physically and mentally. Marathoners encounter tiredness, dehydration, and cramping. They must psychologically push themselves to overcome physical hurdles and stay inspired throughout the marathon.

Curtis will finish the marathon and earn money for a good cause despite these obstacles. Her perseverance inspires many.


Celebrities like Anne Curtis use their fame for good. She raises money and awareness for UNICEF Philippines by running the 2023 Tokyo Marathon.

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