Aurat march Vs Haya March


Well well… Now, this is something crucial to discuss, so don’t vent your anger here as it’s all about personal opinion.

Feminism ki Kahani

What clicks in your mind when they say about Feminism?
A bunch of liberals chanting for freedom or a mass of minorities protesting against violence?
As per the definition, it says all individuals have equal rights and opportunities irrespective of any gender difference.

So technically, both parties ask for some particular rights and justice on their part?
But! What exactly does Justice mean to you?
How is it worthwhile to seek liberty in the guise of extinguishing violence and gain your desired security/protection?

The answers to all such questions are more complex and enigmatic than the problems themselves.
Justice cannot be achieved by displaying abusive placards with very foul language and inappropriate topics.
Trust me… There are a lot more things that cry to get on board through some channels.

What should be demanded by a Feminazi?

Here is a list of important subject matters which need to be addressed to catch some necessary limelight.

1)  Do March for a genuine reason like child rape, dowry, honor killing, fair share in the property, domestic abuse which is a curse and pus on society.

2)  Workplace/ public harassment is an ultimate barrier of a high potential woman & resists her to accomplish her ultimate goals

3)  Stop creating hype for the phrase ‘‘ Mera Jism Meri Marzi’’. You owe nothing to this world and all things which you consider your possession is a mandate of someone. You need to save it rather than taint it.

4)  Men and women are not born alike. If a man is a king of state, then at same time a woman is the curate that whole state depends upon. They have different nature so how can they be identical in terms of sharing responsibilities and rights.

5)  Learn to unlearn pseudo assumptions, men ain’t your debit cards, . Doing home chores would not make you less of anyone, instead it’s an indicator of the level of respect and status you have been provided of. As,‘‘Ghar ka sakoon is way better than bahar ka mazdoor’’.

6)  Speak up for women’s rights who deserve not for lazy potatoes who don’t want to share their role in life. If a man is a bread winner then she should be a homemaker or else to share her part of responsibility.
7)  Reimagine the perspective of real justice. Encourage placards having meaningful themes and devoid of absurd topics, discriminatory remarks, hate speech or any other violence.

8)  ‘‘Haya hai aurat ka ek gehna’’ putting such posters on board would make more sense and influence than any useless slogans. As an oyster holds a precious gemstone in the form of pearl, so does a woman be cared for and protected.

9)  Plants that detach themselves from roots lose their essence and wither away. Recognize the worth which you’ve been blessed of; a dedicated homemaker is as privileged as any established working woman. It doesn’t measure and determine her on any scale.

10)  Women empowerment…how special does it sound right? Strive to achieve superwoman deeds like you don’t need to be dependent on someone for changing your room’s bulb/lights, be able to drive in case of any rush situation, capable of changing a car’s tire when you find yourself in such an emergency state, etc.

So, did you see things the other way around?

I hope that it does open the doors of manifestation for anyone as there is a lot more stuff that does not make way to some platform and which direly needs to be treated.

Role of Male chauvinism and patriarchy

I heard somewhere that ‘‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot’’. Minor mistakes which we commit to ignoring lead to the escalation of major crimes.
Men( or any patriarchal ruler), being a supreme ruler, take it as a cruel hoax to be superior and to exploit the feeble. To their dismay, they are so habitual that they crave more power and authority; forgetting the fact that things they want to rule over are legit living beings.

The feudal system, in most cases, is one of the extensions that is the cause of affliction for most women and other suppressed souls.

Some of the roles and rules which need to know by a respected man are given below

1)  Stop idolizing them because they are not the public property you peep your nose and lusty eyes on. Stand for them and stop normalizing abusive remarks against them as‘‘Maa Behan Gali Nahi Izzat Hain’’.

2)  Forceful marriage is widespread and taboo prevails in such a society. Only if parents/elders agree on their children’s ‘Marzi ki Shaadi’ with proper consideration then many of them wouldn’t be much pathetic and depressed.

3)  The factor of ‘Razamandi’ is applicable and right of any mature individual be it academic, marital, or financial decisions, etc. Of course, they are out of adolescence to make the choices their life depends upon. Counseling ain’t some issue; imposing opinion does.

4)  Their ( Not all okay! ) digestive system is so weak that they couldn’t ingest and digest any rejection. Well, they should learn to accept that a no means ‘No’. Acknowledging others’ consent would not cause much harm to their self-made, fragile ego.

5)  One of the futile sore that decays in these patriarchal classes is to stick with the concept that ‘‘ Men’s wrong is always right’’. Some of them are either misogynist and don’t want them to go ahead of them. They’re so biased to mend and amend themselves.


To cut it short, we all need to play our part to resolve issues regardless of playing blame games. It’s our duty to bring evolution and justice, no one from outside would come up for our rehabilitation.

Face your flaws and thrive to make a bit of influence from your side. Maybe that would give rise to the initiation of a fruitful chain. Do your little, it’ll magnify more ahead.

Give it an honest thought ‘‘Kion k criticism sy aagy jahan aur bhi hain’’
So, Let that sink in!

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