Being fit doesn't means being healthy

It seems awkward to say! A person can’t be in a state of good health if he is only fit. Did you ever search for the meaning of health? If yes that’s good if not that’ pretty good because I’m going to tell you the actual meaning! So, health does not just seem to be in good physique, it’s a broad term that includes the state of mental and socio-economic well-being of a person not only the absence of any disease or disability.

Stay tuned to read the whole article! we are going to discuss some of the questions that people are mostly asking about physical fitness and health or maybe in our minds.

  • What’s the difference between fitness which normally means about your look and your health?
  • Daily life experiences make us realize that though we look fit but not healthy.
  • Is this the right statement, ‘A healthy person is physically fit?
  • How does a fit athlete be unhealthy?
  • Do you really of yourself as fit and healthy if you are eating unhealthy or junk food?
  •  Ways to live a fit and healthy life

Suppose you are at the library at 2:00 PM, one person of about 24 years steps in; as you look at that person; you just say o woo! what a fitness; look at his/her Abs Biceps, triceps, and proper bands of leg muscles!  Honestly speaking; you are most probably thinking He/she is really living a healthy and fit life. Move forward; After half an hour of book reading, you just look at He/she is reading with glasses and that’s unbelievable! So, being fit doesn’t mean being healthy. It’s a part of daily observation of complaining about cramps, numbness, and lack of sleep.

Though people look fit actually they are not. In medical or biological terms fitness means the capability of one to survive in one’s own environment. If someone is that much adaptable to his surroundings that he fits in it. Now we can conclude that although fitness is a part of health it can’t decide about one’s health.

Daily life examples; make you realize that being physically fit doesn’t mean being healthy!

Comes to the examples! look if a fit man or woman is worried about hair falls, dry skin, palpitations, and cramps. He/ she has to wear glasses to read newspapers and lost concentration after the household. Do you really think they are healthy? No, they aren’t. If one of our friends complains of lack of sleep in spite of his fitness; he is not healthy because health is mental and socio-economic well-being. If you seem to be healthy but financially not stable, this can separate you from healthy people. Athletes, the healthy and fit person can be ill even if he seems to be fit! How can it be possible? According to a research study that can be possible if he/she is not eating healthy food especially Carbs, suffering from insomnia, or any problem that is affecting his daily life.

So, if we are exercising continuously but junk food is also a priority, we are prioritizing fitness not health at all. Junk food makes us lazy like a potato.

lazy man, junk food
Junk food may or may not make you fat but it can make you lazy

Studies have proved that eating junk food affects the efficiency of your brain. So say no to junk if you manna lives healthy! Actually, junk food and drinks consist of refined carbohydrates and sugars respectively, taking the lead to excessive insulin secretion in the blood, quick metabolism, and that all makes you feel cranky, sluggish, and restless.

Ways to live healthily and fit life

Many ways are here to live both healthy and fit life or let me say a healthy life. Change your daily habits to start a journey towards health and fitness. Go to bed early and wake up early in the morning to enjoy the most relaxing moments of sunrise. Say no to junk food. Try to walk on instead of driving a car. Be vigilant and strict about your daily calorie intake. Add fruits, vegetables, and fibers to your life. Don’t use electric media too much especially before going to bed. The LED light rays laptop or mobile phone’s screen affect your wake and sleep period badly. Laugh to lose weight, my friend! Do light exercise. what do you think about fitness and health? Are they relatable? What do you daily do to keep yourself healthy? please comment below.


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