Benefits of Audiobooks in the modern world 2022

Benefits of Audiobooks in the modern world

Book reading plays a great role in learning new things, getting knowledge and personality development. But in the modern world of technology, life is so messed up. Everybody is so busy in routine tasks that most of the people do not get time to read books. Even book lovers failed to give more time to reading. In this busy world, audiobooks is a blessing in my opinion.

Conventionally audiobooks are being used by teachers of second language learners and students with disabilities but it has a lot of benefits. Audiobooks are recorded versions of books that can be listened by using our smart phones, laptops or tablets by using headphones or speakers. These books can be fictions, non-fictions, drama, poetry, history, general knowledge and folktales.

I think all of us will enjoy listening to books while doing our house chores, exercising, walking, driving, and daily routine tasks just like we listen music. Audiobooks help students in expanding their vocabulary, grasping exact pronunciations of words, reading words correctly and improving their communication skills. Audiobooks help in developing imagination power of children. In this modern world of technology, many mothers are worried about their child’s screen time. Screen time can be reduced if children are involved in listening audiobooks instead of playing games.

Audiobooks a way more helpful to seniors, as they are spending their retired life with boredom and their health don’t allow them to engage them in physical activities. They found difficulty in reading small font of books due to weak eyesight. In this scenario, audiobooks help them in overcoming their depression, anxiety and sadness.

We can enjoy quality time with our family while listening to novels, horrors and mysteries. Imagine the pleasure of having a cup of coffee while listening to our favorite poet. There are a lot more benefits of audiobooks that I mentioned today. But the problem is the concept of audiobooks is not so popular among people. According to my opinion the reason behind this cause is that limited number of books are available in audio version and they are very expensive.




The concept of audiobooks can help in keeping book reading culture alive in this modern world of technology. Audiobooks are very beneficial for every age group. Kids, students, housewives, working people and seniors all can be benefited. The need of the time is that more and more books should be available in audio version and they can be downloaded free of cost or with minimal cost. Apps should be developed which have the facility of downloading free audiobooks.


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