Best way to grow tomato at home

Best way to grow tomato at home

Vertical gardening is an easy tool to grow delicious vegetables at home. You can grow numerous vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, coriander, and many more with the help of vertical gardening. There is no need for extra care, spacious areas, and expensive tools to grow vegetables at home. We filled this article with tips, tricks, and the whole process of harvesting tomatoes at home. Yes, in a simple and easy way. So stick around and keep reading this article. However, those eager to know how to grow various vegetables at home. We suggest reading our article Grow vegetables at home–No heavy equipment needed. You will love this article. We used all the simple and readily available products in growing tomatoes. Growing a tomato plant at home doesn’t require heavy equipment or complicated special training. All you need is to read this article till the end, and you will know a to z information about growing a tomato plant at home.

Table of contents

  • Grow tomato at home
  • Preparing the soil
  • Important precautions
  • Organic compost benefits
  • Changes from time to time
  • Last remarks

Ingredients needed:

a plastic bottle, a knife or scissors, screwdriver, rope, a piece of cloth, a tomato plant.

How to grow a tomato plant at home:

Growing a tomato plant will take only 5 to 10 minutes of your day. For 5 to 10 minutes, you need to take care of this tomato plant. Soon you will be able to enjoy this delicious vegetable at home.

  • Clean the bottle:

Clean the bottle with any clothing that is available. Rinse the bottle inside and outside. So there are no dust particles, bugs, or any harmful thing inside the bottle. Sometimes, these organisms can damage the growth and health of a plant.

  • Use scissors or knife:

Mark the bottom area of the bottle. Use any sharp object and cut the bottom of the water bottle. You can use markers to avoid any blunders. Make sure that you cut deeply 1 inch or 10 cm above the bottle.

  • Hot screwdriver:

Heat the tip of the screwdriver by putting it under fire. You can heat it by different means. Once the starting point is hot enough, make two holes in the water bottle on the bottom side. These holes will support the entire bottle and your plant. We will, later on, put ropes in the bottle, and they will also provide better aeration to your tomato plant. Growing tomatoes at home are easy with this technique. Repeat this process for all the bottles.

  • Use rope:

Tie one end of a rope in the hole we made with the help of a hot screwdriver. Make a knot so that your tomato plant won’t fall off. Repeat the same process for the other end of the rope. This step is critical in vertical gardening. Check the effectiveness of the rope, whether it is powerful to hold the tomato plant or not. Repeat this process for all the tomato plant bottles.

  • A piece of cloth:

Fold the cloth and cut a small portion of the material from the center. Now, cut the piece of cloth from one side. This step is necessary for growing tomatoes at home.

  • Cutting the plant:

It is the most crucial step in growing tomatoes at home. The tomato plant should be at least 20 to 25 days old. You will notice that this plant will show the best growth. Moreover, the tomatoes that will grow on this plant with vertical gardening will be healthy. Cut all the narrow leaves present on the bottom portion of the plant. Do not pluck out anything other than leaves. You will see small spiky projections on the bottom side. These spikes will, later on, grow and become the roots of the tomato plant. Therefore, it’s best to plant the tomato plant as deep as possible.

  • Plantation:

Use a piece of cloth and cover the roots of the tomato plant. It should cover only the roots portion with this piece of clothing. Wrap the cloth in an intricate manner that roots of tomato plants are deep inside in the soil. Remove big leaves from the plant.

It is because large leaves might cause issues while the tomato plant grows. We are doing vertical gardening here. So as you will put this plant in the bottle, the roots, leaves, and soil can get harmed.

  • Placing in the bottle:

Hold the plant in your hand and start putting it into the bottle. From the bottom of the bottle, put the plant towards the cap or neck portion of the bottle. Move your plant gently, do not tear the roots or leaves of the plant.

Preparing the soil:

We have already highlighted the main points that you have to go through to plant a tomato vegetable at home. Now here comes the vital part. It is a crucial part. Moreover, the growth of plants depends on it. The time period to grow also depends on this.

Ingredients needed: vermicompost or cow dunk, garden soil

You can purchase these items from nearby nurseries or Amazon. Moreover, the quantity of both components should be equal. If vermicompost is 50%, then garden soil should also be 50%. After making sure that the portion of both items is the same. Mix them thoroughly with the help of a gardening tool.

  • Filling the bottle:

Next, you need to fill the bottle with this mixture. You can use a spoon or any gardening tool for this purpose. Keep one thing in mind while adding soil to the bottle. It gives no damage or harm to the plant. With one hand, hold the plant. Make sure that the movement of a plant is minimal.

  • Hanging the bottle:

We hang the bottle in an upside-down manner. The plant portion faces the ground. Meanwhile, the roots face upwards towards the sky. Hang the bottle with the help of rope. We already tied a string in a bottle with the aid of making two holes in the bottle. We can also perform this process with a hot screwdriver.

  • Leave a small portion:

Always leave at least one to two inches gap while filling a bottle with soil. This gap is essential as you will provide water to your growing tomato plant with its aid.

  • Water the plants:

Add water to the plant. This water will help the nutrients to disperse. Moreover, your plant will grow better in that environment. The watering plant has health benefits too. Your plant has a high risk of death due to shock. This shock is known as transplantation shock. However, by adding water to the soil. It reduces the shock to a great extent.

Important precautions:

After watering the plants, do not keep your plant under the sunlight. Wait for two to three days. You can keep your plant in the sunlight after two to three days.

Organic compost benefits:

There are enormous benefits of organic compost. You can buy chemical fertilizers from the market and so on. However, making everything naturally will increase the nutritional content of your tomato plant. It has infection-killing properties. It will fight all the bacteria in the soil. Moreover, it will keep your tomato plant healthy. It has numerous contents that contribute to the fast growth of any growing plant.

Keep watering the plants when they get dry. You can water these tomato plants once or twice. However, if the temperature is more than 30°c, you can water it thrice as well. However, do not water your plant a lot. Otherwise, the circumstances might be upsetting. Add water to the upper portion until you notice that water is coming out from the neck portion of the bottle.

Your tomato plant must stand in a straight position. On noticing that your tomato plant is growing in an indefinite manner, add some stick for support. This way, your plant will not thrive in a rough manner.

A tomato plant needs at least three to four hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Ensure that your tomato plant gets at least this much amount sunlight. It will function best only if you take care of all the precautions.

After two weeks:

Take vermicompost and mix it with water. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly. Add this mixture to the upside-down tomato plant. You can add fertilizers also. However, we suggest growing tomato plants organically at home.

After one month and a week:

You will see small tomatoes on the tomato plant after a month and a week. However, at this time, your tomatoes are not ready to eat. So be a little bit more patient and let this delicious tomato plant grow in the upside-down bottle. This vertical gardening technique is easy, and many people have found it helpful.

After a month and three weeks:

Your tomatoes are ready to feed you. You can eat these delicious tomatoes and fill your tummy. When you notice that tomatoes have a rich red color. It is time to harvest these plants.

People sometimes harvest tomatoes rashly that the tomato gets damaged. As a result, you can’t enjoy your homemade tomato plant. Follow these two steps, and you will not see any issues while harvesting tomato plants.

  • Smoothly grasp the tomato from the stem.
  • Pull it gently. You don’t need any extra force for this purpose.

Harvest the tomatoes as they are ripe. Delay in harvesting will lead to more damage to your tomato plant. Even worse, you might not get to eat tasty homemade tomatoes.

Best tomato types to grow at home:

It is seen that small tomatoes grow really well. When you use this technique of vertical gardening. These tomatoes are mainly:

  1. Roma tomatoes
  2. Cherry tomatoes

However, do not bound yourself to anything. It’s best to try the vertical gardening technique on various vegetables. You will eventually get success in this process of growing vegetables at home.

Last remarks:

You can use this technique of growing vegetables at home for numerous veggies. Use any bottle and turn it into a vegetable bowl. You will start seeing visible results within a month. Flowers will start blossoming. However, we suggest taking all the precautions seriously. This way, you will save yourself from future hassle.


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