Best ways to melt your belly fat

Best exercises to melt your belly fat

Exercises that you can do with no gym equipment or assistance

Walking and Running

Everyone should walk daily for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is a quite healthy activity. You can do this daily with no expert help, and it will melt not only your belly fat but also the overall fat on your body. Running is also a splendid exercise. Wake up daily in the early morning.

Grab your earphones and water bottle and go for a healthy walk to the park. It has a lot of constructive benefits mentally and physically too. We recommend walking daily for everyone. Chiefly for those in constant agony due to increasing weight.

Those people should walk daily, and they will see benefits soon.

Why we recommend walking  running:

Helpful for weight loss

The best exercise for aerobic fitness

Better blood circulation

A healthy body


There are numerous hectic and harsh workout routines. One thinks that how humans can even do such vigorous exercises? However, now an innovative and fun exercise routine is present. Everyone loves this workout routine. Most people wonder whether this exercise is helpful or is it in any way significant in reducing the belly weight.


Various Zumba instructors did research on the effectiveness of Zumba. ). Two groups of people were made in which how much weight they lost was observed.

Later on, it was seen that people who were doing normal exercise for weight loss and those who were doing Zumba classes. Both of them lost significant weight. There was little to no difference in the weight loss. Just put on some music or uplifting beats and start your Zumba journey. According to this study, Zumba is very effective in reducing weight.

Why we recommend Zumba:

Moderate level of sugars in the body

A person becomes brisk

Reduces weight


Walking and running is no easy task. You can start with bicycling instead. It will reduce your body weight to a great extent. While cycling, your thighs and hip muscles are involved. This exercise is also effective for people who want to reduce the size of their thighs and hips.

Why we recommend bicycling:

A great hobby

Effectively reduces weight

Calorie burner

Doing house chores:

You can see that our grandma’s and women were so healthy and not obese at all. It is because they did a lot of household chores. These chores were like therapy for them. When you clean the house, various muscles and organs are involved. One should definitively do these chores daily. It is highly effective in reducing your belly fat.

Our motivation tip: belly fat ruins almost every outfit. You can not wear your favorite clothes because of your belly fat. If you want to wear your favorite dress, then go on and do these exercises as much as you can.

However, do not overdo any exercise. Make sure to rest in between the exercises. You can also add a healthy diet that will increase the effectiveness of these exercises. Go to our article about the best diet plan to get rid of belly fat.

High-level training:

These are exercises that burn too many calories for people. These exercises are usually high level, and you should take a break while doing these high-level exercises.

These are some of the best exercises that effectively reduce the belly fat of people.



Jump squats

Those who want to know more about the HIIT exercises for weight loss. Then refer to this brilliant article. It describes all the routines to reduce belly fat ( ).

Bollywood actress belly fat reducing exercises:

Famous Bollywood actress Malaika Arora revealed her secret to a flat tummy. She posted a video on her Instagram page saying that these are the best exercises for reducing belly get and feeling healthy. ( )

It is better to do this exercise on a yoga mat. Place a yoga mat and get ready to start this effective exercise. First, do a split and move your body completely towards the side. Make sure that your hands are behind your neck or head during this position. It’s better to keep your hand behind your head.

Now maintain a plank position. Your head should be facing down. Shift your entire body weight on your hands. Put your one leg in the air for two seconds. Repeat the same process with the other leg do this exercise for almost 60 seconds.

Next, lie on the yoga mat. While lying comfortably, keep your hands on your waist lift your hands in the air. Do the same with the other leg.

A Bollywood star shares this exceptional routine. She was doing this routine, showing her well-toned abs.

The best warm-up of all time:

Keep your arms on your head in a firm position, and do squats for almost 60 seconds. Either do the reps for 20 times.

Do push up almost 20 times.

After push-ups, do side planks. The knee of your leg must touch the elbow portion of your hand. To bring maximum from this routine, follow all the steps. You can take a break in between these exercises.

Lie on your back and stretch your legs in a vertical position. Touch your toe with hands one by one.

Lie on your back again. Put your pressure on the core of the body. Keep your hands in your hair as if you are stretching, and keep this position for a half minute.

Time required to reduce belly fat:

We recommend doing do all the exercises regularly. You will gradually notice a positive change in your mind and your body. Do not hate your body. However, look at all the possible efforts to reduce belly fat. The time necessary for reducing belly fat depends on various factors, such as your BMI, your lifestyle, your eating habits, and your mindset. Start by changing one thing per day. Eliminate one negative thing and add positive habits to your daily routine. Eventually, you will notice positive effects on the skin and body too.

Safety precautions:

You should exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. However, you can take slight breaks off 5 minutes in between these exercises. You do not have to pressure yourself too much. You will start to see the physical benefits of exercising. Your mind will also change positively. Let your body get used to the sensation of exercising. It can be quite hard in the beginning. However, with the passage of time, your body will love doing exercise.

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