How to Get the Cheapest Phones?

How to Get the Cheapest Phones?

You’ve set up the ideal point if you are seeking for affordable smartphones. In this composition, we’ll look at a variety of styles for helping you cut costs and detect the most affordable phones.

Compare Prices and Retailers

Comparing costs amongst retailers is one of the stylish ways to find the cheapest phones. For the same phone model, prices on online commerce, neighbourhood shops, and authorised brand websites can differ. Do not accept the first deal you encounter!

Consider Aged Models

Indeed while the newest flagship smartphones may be charming, aged phone models can give huge savings. These widgets can be a cost-effective choice and still give good performance.

Take Advantage of Deals and Elevations

Watch out for exclusive offers, reductions, while elevations from both shops and cell carriers. These may include seasonal elevations, trade-in plans, and buy one, get one free deals. You can buy affordable phones with the aid of similar openings.

Explore Refurbished and Used Phones

Examining refurbished or used smartphones is a different strategy for chancing affordable phones. Numerous secure retailers give pukka repaired phones that are quality-tested and come with guaranties. This could be a cost- and environmentally-conscious decision.

Budget-Friendly Carrier Plans

Flash back to look into mobile carrier options with reasonable yearly freights. You can reduce yearly costs by choosing one of the budget-friendly results offered by some carriers, similar as no-contract strategies, plans for families, or reimbursed services.


In conclusion, locating the most affordable phones necessitates comprehensive disquisition, comparison, and evaluation of available possibilities. You may save plutocrat while still copping a high-quality smartphone that matches your requirements by using the tips in this companion. To get the topmost deal for your coming phone, keep in mind that patience and thorough exploration are the keys.

Vivo V29e Unboxing And First Impressions

Anker Soundcore is a Liberty 4 NC Review

Cheapest Budget ANC Earbuds? I’m quite eager to examine a DWS made by the firm Anker. Here is my in-depth evaluation of Soundcore as a Liberty 4 NC after testing it for a few weeks. So let’s begin now without any more delay.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality is excellent and has a robust build, and the aesthetic is sleek and contemporary, comparable to that of the other DWS. In addition, there are IPX4 water-resistant options, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps like little splashes when working out. You may select the earphones based on your own choice from five colour choices: black, white, pink, navy blue, and light blue.

Sound Quality

It produces high-quality sound via the 11mm Dynamic driver. The treble and midrange have sharp details. It efficiently eliminates noise from the surroundings by up to 49 decibels thanks to its active noise cancelling 2.0 technology, resulting in a listening experience that is fully absorbed. a comparison between the user’s hearing canal and the surroundings, the ANC level may be automatically changed.

Battery Life

I was quite amazed that the power source lasted for close to two weeks although I was only using it while travelling. Featuring a fifty-five mAh battery within each earbud, you may listen to music normally for around 10 hours. The overall usage duration increases to almost 50 hours in ANC mode when used in conjunction with the charging case. With a 50-hour usage span, the earphones have an 8-hour playing time.

Connectivity and Controls

The TWS has Bluetooth firmware version 5.3, which makes connections to compatible devices quicker and more reliable. The earbuds have NFC controls that let users adjust sound settings, the amount of active noise reduction, and other functions. Even when jogging and making quick head movements, the earphones stayed in place wonderfully. They are really comfortable and light.

Call Quality

With an overall number of 6 built-in microphones, these earbuds provide outstanding call quality. even the most crowded and noisy places, I was able to conduct clear and concise discussions when I had active noise reduction switched on.


The earphones give fantastic value for the money when you consider the capabilities and efficiency that they offer. They are an excellent option in their price category because to their mix of active noise cancelling, extended life of the battery, wireless charging compatibility, and adjustable settings. This is one of the finest solutions money can buy if you’re seeking high-quality music, cutting-edge noise cancellation, and a lengthy battery life under $100.



What to Expect: iPhone 15 Series, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and More

Apple’s September Event Preview

What to Expect: iPhone 15 Series, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and More

Apple enthusiasts, mark your calendars! The much-awaited ‘Wonderlust’ event is just around the corner, scheduled for September 12 this year. This event promises exciting new releases, including the iPhone 15 series and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. In this post, we’ll dive into the leaks and rumors surrounding these upcoming products.

Event Details

  • The event takes place at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, starting at 10 AM PDT.
  • You can watch the event live on Apple’s official website, YouTube, and the Apple TV app.

iPhone 15 Series: What to Expect

  • The iPhone 15 series is rumored to include four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Rumors suggest a potential shift to a type C USB port instead of the lightning port.
  • There’s speculation about a “major price hike” for the Pro models compared to their predecessors, indicating significant improvements.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Series 9: A Sneak Peek


  • Look out for the unveiling of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (2nd Gen) and the Apple Watch Series 9.
  • These smartwatches are expected to feature a powerful S9 chip for enhanced performance.
  • Minor improvements in battery life and performance are anticipated for the Watch Series 9, with the possibility of a new pink color option.

Accessories and More

Apple is known for its attention to detail, and this event might also bring some exciting accessory updates:

  • The AirPods Pro 2 could feature a significant change with a USB Type-C port for the case instead of the lightning port.
  • Expect the possibility of new iPhone cases and Apple watch bands, with rumors suggesting alternative materials over traditional leather.

Excitement is building as the date for Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event approaches. With the promise of the iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Ultra 2, and much more, there’s no doubt that Apple enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting what’s to come. Stay tuned for all the latest updates from this highly-anticipated event, and don’t forget to share your excitement in the comments below. This September 12th event promises to be a game-changer, and we can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us!


iPhone 15 Pro Max: Specs, Design, Price, and More!

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Specs, Design, Price, and More!

Stay informed about Apple’s upcoming announcement and the future of iPhones.


Are you eagerly anticipating the iPhone 15 series? The iPhone 15 Pro Max is generating a lot of buzz, and we’ve got the inside scoop on its specs, design, and even the expected price. In this blog post, we’ll break down all the key details you need to know about the iPhone 15 Pro Max, along with some exciting updates from Mark Gurman. Let’s dive right in!

iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Name Remains

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Despite rumors of an iPhone 15 Ultra, Mark Gurman has confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max name is here to stay for now. While we might see some Ultra branding in 2024, for this year, it’s all about the Pro Max.

Unboxing the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Thanks to a leaked unboxing video shared by Majin Bu on Twitter, we get a closer look at the iPhone 15 Pro Max‘s new fine woven case. This video also reveals the design changes, including slightly rounded edges and the new action button.

Pataka Mag Easy 4

Protecting your iPhone 15 Pro Max is essential, and our video sponsor, Pataka Mag Easy 4, offers an ultra-slim phone case with impressive protection. It’s just 0.95 millimeters thick, uses MagSafe Slimboard technology, and is made of aramid fiber. Plus, it comes with built-in NFC functionality for added convenience.

Upgrades Galore

Mark Gurman‘s insights reveal that Apple is going all out to encourage people to choose the Pro Models of the iPhone 15 series. USB Type-C compatibility, a new three nanometer A17 chip, and up to 8 gigabytes of RAM make the Pro Models stand out.

Price Bump Alert

While the upgrades are exciting, it’s important to note that the price is also getting a boost. Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could start at $1,299, so be prepared for a premium price tag.

Colors and Dimensions

Apple Insider‘s video showcases the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in various colors, giving us a glimpse of their design. Mac Rumors provides exact dimensions and weights for each model. These details can help you decide which iPhone 15 is the right fit for you.

Specs Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the key specifications for each model in the iPhone 15 series:

  • Standard iPhone 15
    • Display: 6.1-inch 60Hz OLED
    • Camera: 12MP primary, 12MP Ultra-wide
    • Chipset: A16 Bionic
    • RAM: 6GB
    • Starting Price: Approximately $850
  • iPhone 15 Plus
    • Display: 6.7-inch 60Hz OLED
    • Camera: <span

Motorola G54 Review: The Best Smartphone Under Rs 15K

Motorola G54 Review: The Best Smartphone Under Rs 15K


Motorola is consistently launching amazing phones, and the G54 is no exception. Just a few weeks after the G84 release, the G54 takes it to the next level.

Motorola G54 Specifications

The G54 boasts impressive specs, including:

  • Processor: India’s first Dimensity 7020 processor
  • RAM & Storage: 8GB RAM & 128GB storage (12GB variant available)
  • Battery: Massive 6,000mAh with 33W fast charging
  • Display: 6.5-inch IPS LCD 120Hz display with 560 nits brightness

Motorola G54 Design

The G54’s design is impressive. Despite its 6,000mAh battery, it’s surprisingly lightweight, around 195g. It features flat sides and feels sturdy in hand.

Ports & Buttons

It offers a variety of ports and buttons, including a USB Type C port, 3.5mm jack, a hybrid SIM card tray, and more.

Motorola G54 Display

The 6.5-inch IPS LCD 120Hz display with 560 nits brightness provides an excellent visual experience with minimal bezels.

Motorola G54 OS & UI

Running Android 13, the G54 offers a clean Android experience with useful Moto gestures and personalization options.


Powered by India’s first Dimensity 7020 processor, the G54 delivers smooth gaming performance and handles tasks with ease.


With 5G support and a range of connectivity options, the G54 ensures a stable network connection.


The G54 features a 50MP OIS primary camera and an 8MP ultrawide camera, delivering competitive photography capabilities for its price range.


Motorola offers incredible value with the G54, starting at just Rs 14,500. With exchange and discount options, it’s one of the best phones under Rs 15K.


The Motorola G54 is a standout smartphone in its price range, offering impressive specs, design, and performance. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a top choice.



OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G Full Review

OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G Full Review

Feat. Nord Buds 2R ⚡ The Best OnePlus Phone Under 30K?!

Friends, I think 2023 belongs to OnePlus. This year when they launched the 11, 11R, and Nord 3, I had positive feedback with every phone. In fact, we’ve done a full review of the Nord 3. If you haven’t seen it, then do go & watch it. Now under Rs 30K, it replaces the Nord with the Nord CE 3 which we generally expect that the Nord phones without the CE will come under Rs 30K.

Nord CE 3: The New OnePlus Contender

But they’ve gone above Rs 30K. Now the Nord CE 3 is very interesting. This is between Rs 25K and 30K. And if you want a phone in that price range, then the Nord CE 3 might be a good option. I’ll tell you why. First, we had to test the new 782 processor. So we used it for 15 days & then I’m reviewing it.

Design & Build Quality

Let’s get the design & build quality out of the way. If you look at it from the back, people won’t be able to tell if it’s the Nord 3 or the Nord CE 3. The Nord 3 is of Rs 35K. But this comes under Rs 30K. The only difference is that it has an extra sensor here. The rest looks exactly the same.

Performance & Battery

Even in terms of optimization, it’s really good. You’ll see frame drops after 1-1.5 hours of continuous gaming. But generally, if you play normal games or multitask, the 782G processor does everything that you expect. But what stood out for me? Whenever I type & play games, the 4D haptic feedback is amazing. It’s one of the best under Rs 30K.

Fast Charging & Battery Life

In this price range, it’s probably the best phone with the best haptics. And when you buy this phone, you’ll get used to 1 thing. It’s fast charging. You won’t be able to go to any other phone after that. Because 80W fast charging is 0-100% in 30-35 mins. But even in terms of battery, it has a 5000mAh battery & I got 7-8 hours of SoT.

Software Experience

The Oxygen OS 13.1 is based on Android 13. It’s very clean & bug-free. There are no bugs & you enjoy using it. In fact, if you’ve used the OnePlus phone before, you’re going to enjoy this. Again, it’s one of the better UI’s & better skins out there on Android. I really liked it.

Multimedia Experience

Multimedia consumption on the OnePlus Nord CE 3 is a pleasant experience. You enjoy it. So I’d like to give a thumbs up for the multimedia. Speaking of multimedia, OnePlus has launched the OnePlus Nord 2R TWS. And we were testing the multimedia with it. And I’ll tell you what, the bass is heavy.

Camera Performance

The primary sensor on it is Sony’s IMX890 sensor. Think about it, the Nord 3 which is more than Rs 7-8K has the same sensor. OnePlus 11 & 11R also have IMX890 sensors. But yes, it has a different processor & ISP. So the output is a little different because the ISP is different. The 8th Gen & 2nd Gen will be different.

Price and Conclusion

The 8GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 26,999 & the 12GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 28,999. And if you want to buy it, then my suggestion would be to go for the upper variant. 12GB RAM & 256GB storage. You’ll pay Rs 2K more, but it’s worth every penny. As I said at the start of the video, if your budget is between Rs 25-30K, then you should definitely check out the OnePlus Nord CE 3.



پاکستان میں ڈیجیٹل کرنسی اور فری لانسرز کے ڈالر اکاؤنٹس کی رکاوٹیں دور کیوں نہیں ہو رہیں؟

پاکستان میں ڈیجیٹل کرنسی اور فری لانسرز کے ڈالر اکاؤنٹس کی رکاوٹیں دور کیوں نہیں ہو رہیں؟

وزارت انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی کے زیرِ اہتمام منصوبے

پاکستان کے نگراں وزیر برائے انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی ڈاکٹر عمر سیف نے ملک کی آئی ٹی برآمدات میں فوری اضافے کے لیے وزیراعظم سے ایک جامع منصوبے کی منظوری حاصل کی ہے:

ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کی تشہیر

وزیراعظم کی منظوری کے مطابق، ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے فروغ اور ادائیگیوں کے بین الااقوامی نیٹ ورکس کو پاکستان لانے کے علاوہ فری لانسرز کے فارن کرنسی اکاؤنٹس کے ذریعے آئی ٹی برآمدات میں اضافے کے لیے ہنگامی اقدامات کیے جائیں گے:

منصوبے کی فوری تکمیل

نگراں وزیر ڈاکٹر عمر سیف کی خواہش ہے کہ یہ تمام کام چند ماہ کی قلیل مدت میں مکمل کر لیے جائیں:

کارروائیوں کے اہم پہلو

وزارت کی طرف سے جاری کی گئی تفصیلات کے مطابق، اس منصوبے کے تحت ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے فروغ اور فری لانسرز کے ڈالرز اکاؤنٹس میں ترسیلات کے اقدامات شامل ہیں:

حکومتی اقدامات فنانشل ٹیکنالوجی اور آئی ٹی فروغ کے لیے

حکام کے مطابق نگراں وزیراعظم نے ان تمام اقدامات پر پیشرفت کے لیے محکموں کو وزارت آئی ٹی سے مشاورت کی ہدایت بھی کی ہے:

ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے استعمال میں رکاوٹوں کا خاتمہ

بالخصوص ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے فروغ اور فری لانسرز کے ڈالرز اکاؤنٹس کو فعال بنانے میں درپیش رکاوٹوں کا جلد خاتمہ ہو جائے گا:

تبدیلی کی توقع

جن امور پر فوری کام ہو رہا ہے اور جن کے بارے میں نگراں وزیراعظم انوار الحق کاکڑ نے منظوری دی ہے ان میں آئی ٹی برآمدات کو دس ارب ڈالر تک پہنچانے کے لیے تمام رکاوٹوں کا فوری خاتمہ شامل

 کیو آر کوڈ کے ذریعے ادائیگیوں کی رکاوٹ کی وجہ

بینکوں کی ہدایت: ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے معاملات کی سهولت

جب بات گلی محلوں میں ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے استعمال کی ہوتی ہے، تو بینکوں کو ہدایت ملی کہ وہ کیو آر کوڈ کے ذریعے ادائیگیوں کی سہولت میں اضافہ کریں۔ عوام کو اس فیصلے کی طرف راغب کرنے کیلئے ایک آگاہی مہم بھی چلائی جارہی ہے۔

کیو آر کوڈ کی تیزی سے پھیلاؤ

کیو آر کوڈ کے ذریعے ادائیگیوں کی تیزی سے پھیلاؤ دنیا بھر میں دیکھا جا رہا ہے، خصوصاً پاکستان کے قریبی ممالک میں جیسے کے انڈیا اور چین میں اس کا زیادہ استعمال ہورہا ہے۔ لیکن پاکستان میں کمیابی کی بنا پر کیو آر کوڈ کا استعمال مزید فروغ پانے میں وقت لگے گا۔

ریگولیشن اور سکیورٹی مسائل کی رکاوٹ

پاکستان میں ریگولیشن اور ٹیکنالوجی کے مسائل کی بنا پر ٹیکنالوجی اور ڈیجیٹل کرنسی کے شعبے میں ترقی میں رکاوٹ آئی ہے۔ بعض علاقوں میں فائبر کیبل کی بھی فکر نہیں کی جاتی، اور سکیورٹی کے احکامات کی وجہ سے ٹیکنالوجی کی ترقی پر پابندیاں ہیں۔

ٹیکنالوجی کی مانگ اور روایتی خدشات

پاکستان میں ٹیکنالوجی کی مانگ میں کمیابی کے باوجود، بعض افراد ٹیکنالوجی سے ڈرتے ہیں۔ یہ ایک روایتی معاشی منظر نامہ کی بنا پر ہے، جہاں بینکوں کی طرف سے بھی نئے مالی نظام کی جانب انفکار نہیں کیا جا رہا ہے۔

ٹیکنالوجی کے ساتھ معیشت کا رشتے

وزارت انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی کے ایک سینئر عہدیدار کے مطابق، مالی ٹیکنالوجی کے نظریات کے ساتھ خزانے اور ٹیکس کے محکموں کا بھی اتفاق نہیں ہے، جو معیشت کو ٹیکنالوجی کے ساتھ جوڑنے میں رکاوٹ ہوتی ہے

Nokia T10: Amazon Par Ab Sab Se Kam Price Par

Nokia T10: Amazon Par Ab Sab Se Kam Price Par

Agar aap chhote tablets ke shauqeen hain, toh aapko beshak Apple iPad Mini 6 pasand aayega. Lekin jaise ki umeed kiya ja sakta hai, yeh device ek mehnga price tag ke saath aata hai jise kuch log afford nahi kar sakte.

Basic Zarooriyat Puri Karne Wala Device

  • Attractively sasti keemat
  • 24% kam keemat par uplabdh

Beshak, agar aap kuch chhota lekin zyada taqatwar chahate hain, toh aap hamesha 2023 mein kharid sakte hain aik behtareen chhote tablets ko.

Nokia T10: Amazon Par Ab 24% Discount

  • 4GB RAM aur 64GB internal storage
  • Supports second screen feature
  • 8-inch display

Bari battery ke saath, yeh aapke binge-watching sessions ke liye behtareen ho sakta hai.

Basic Android Tablet

  • 8-inch IPS LCD display with AI face recognition
  • Integrated speakers aur headphone jack

Hum aapko yeh nahi mashwara denge ke aap iske performance ko demanding titles mein test karen, kyun ke yeh aapko aik exceptional experience nahi de sakta.

Kameras aur Second Screen Feature

  • 8MP back camera aur 2MP front snapper
  • Second screen feature

Hum is device mein jo cheez pasand karte hain woh hai ke ismein second screen feature hai. Is feature se aap is budget device ko aik Windows PC ke saath pair karke jab zaroorat ho toh second screen ke taur par istemal kar sakte hain.

Mazboot Banawat aur Battery

  • Sturdy build to protect from accidental damage
  • Touch shell for added durability

Then again, knowing its parent company, HMD Global, we’d say it’d be a surprise if it didn’t have a touch shell to make it more able to withstand those unpleasant scratches.

Batteri Aur Software Updates

  • Approximately 12 hours of video-watching battery life
  • Android 12 out of the box
  • Nokia promises two years of OS updates and three years of monthly security updates

Battery-wise, the slate should last you about 12 hours of video-watching, which is impressive for such an entry-level device. Additionally, this bad boy comes with Android 12 out of the box. Nokia promises two years of OS updates, which is still relative, given that the tablet emerged in 2022. HMD Global also delivers three years of monthly security updates.

Nokia G21 (6GB RAM) Price Slashed by 22% on Amazon

Great Deal Alert: Nokia G21 (6GB RAM) Price Slashed by 22% on Amazon

Ab Nokia G21 sirf Rs. 13,199 par dastiyab hai, jawaan Rs. 16,999 ke asal qeemat se kam. Amazon par is zabardast offer ko na chhorain. Aap Nokia G21 par 22% discount se faida utha saktay hain, jo ke iski qeemat ko sirf Rs. 13,199 tak le kar ata hai. Is ke ilawa, bank discounts aur exchange offers bhi dastiyab hain, jo aapko shayad Rs. 12,200 tak bachanay ki izazat detay hain.

Nokia G21 Ke Khususiyaat

Nokia G21 mein aik 6.5-inch IPS LCD display shamil hai jo central notch ke saath aata hai. Is mein 20:9 aspect ratio, 720 x 1600 pixel resolution, aur 270 ppi pixel density hain.

Nokia G21 ke peeche, aap teen cameras payenge, jin mein aik taqatwar 50MP main camera, aik 2MP macro lens, aur aik 2MP depth lens shamil hain. Camera system exposure compensation, continuous shooting, HDR mode, ISO Control, aur LED Flash jesi mukhtalif features pesh karta hai. Is ke ilawa, selfies aur video calls ke liye aik 8MP front-facing camera bhi mojood hai.

Phone ke andar, Nokia G21 Unisoc T606 processor aur 6GB RAM ke saath tayyar hai, jo smooth multitasking ko yaqeeni banata hai. Is par Mali-G57 GPU aur Octa-core Cortex A75 1.6GHz CPU ka acha mil kar kam karta hai.

Phone ko chaltay mein rakhta hai aik non-removable 5050mAh Li-Polymer battery jo 18W Fast Charging ko bhi support karti hai.

Is shandar deal ko na chhorain! Yahan par Nokia G21 ko Amazon par discount par hasil karne ke liye click karein.

Disclaimer: Is article ka maqsad sirf maloomati maqasid ke liye hai aur isse professional mashwara nahi diya jata. Hum affiliate links se commission kama saktay hain. Kharidari faisla karne se pehle official website par taqat aur tafseelat tasdeeq karein. Business Upturn is article mein kisi bhi ghalti ya ghalat fehmi ke liye zimedar nahi hai.

NADRA Smart NICOP Fee Update for Australia, Italy, and Germany – September 2023

NADRA Smart NICOP Fee Update for Australia, Italy, and Germany – September 2023


NICOP fee update

Overseas Pakistanis

Smart Identity Card

Dual nationality

NADRA Registration Center

Pak-Identity website

NICOP application process

September 2023 update

International NICOP fees

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) now issues a new Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP). This card is for eligible Pakistani citizens living abroad.

Any Pakistani citizen can get the Smart NICOP, and they won’t need a visa if they have dual nationality. For new-born babies born abroad, you’ll need the passport number when applying for this document.

نادرہ فیس کی اپڈیٹ اور اپلائی کرنے کے طریقہ اردو میں پڑھیں

NICOP Fee for Australia, Italy, and Germany in September 2023

Australia, Italy, and Germany fall under Zone A. As of September 2023, NADRA has not changed the Smart NICOP fees for these countries.

How to Apply for NICOP

You can apply for your NICOP by visiting a NADRA Registration Center (NRC) or using the Pak-Identity website.

NADRA Registration Center (NRC)

To apply at an NRC:

  1. You’ll receive a token.
  2. Your photograph will be taken.
  3. Your fingerprints and signature will be collected.
  4. Your data will be entered, and the form will be printed for your review.
  5. You’ll be given a printed copy of your application form.

After receiving the printed form, submit it to the relevant NRC after getting it attested by a gazetted officer. If a blood relative is present (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter) during the application, their biometrics can be captured, and form attestation is not needed.

Pak-Identity Website

You can apply for the Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP) on the Pak Identity website and have it delivered to your doorstep.