Death Toll Climbs in Connection to Recalled Eye Drops

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on Tuesday that the death toll from an outbreak of extensively drug-resistant bacteria, which was linked to recalled eye drops, has now risen to three. The CDC confirmed two more deaths in individuals infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bringing the total number of fatalities to three.

According to the CDC’s latest update, out of the 68 patients identified across 16 states with the bacteria, eight people have lost their vision, and four have had their eyeballs removed. One death had previously been reported in a man from Washington state.

In response to the outbreak, health authorities have recalled three eye products from the brands EzriCare and Delsam Pharma. All of these products were imported from Indian firm Global Pharma Healthcare Private Limited. The outbreak is suspected to be linked to opened eye drops that were purchased online and in retailers, as well as those obtained through ophthalmologist offices. Health officials are continuing to investigate the outbreak.


Mdrasay k talib ilm aur Hawas prast aurat ki Kahani

Woh aurat rozan apne ghar k drwazay se us talib ilm ko dekhti aur woh sir jhukaye us gali se guzar jata.

Us larki ko dekhne mein to woh aik student lagta thaa. Lakin woh tha bahut khubsurat aur woh aurat us ko apna dill de baythi.

Ab woh aurat chahti thi k woh ladka us par apni nazre altfaat us par farmaye. Lakin woh larka rozana kuch parhtay huwe apne aik makhsoos waqt par guzar jata.

Watch full story in video :


Qabar mein murde ke Sath kya hota hai

Marne k baad Qabar mein murde k saath kia hota hai. Qbar mrin pehli raat frishte murde se konse  swaal poochte hain.

Marne k baad qabar mein insaan kia krta insan qabar mein namaz parhta hai.

Qabar Me Kya Hota Hai (قبر میں کیا ہوا) پراسرار واقعات اردو/ہندی

Aurat Ki Qabar k andar kia hota hai- aurat ki qabar k baray mein Islamic information

Khudkashi krne wale k saath qbar mein kia ho ga.

hazrat imam ali As ne khud kashi krne walon k baray mein kia farmaya.


Imran khan ki zaman pakrk mein bachon se mulaqat

Imran Khan met children in the zamaan park

Zille Shah ki Qurbani Rang la aai ab imran khan apne fanz se mulaqaat kiaa krain ge.imran khan sab se milen ge. Imran khan ko is baat ka bahut afsos hai ko wooh apne sab se ziada mohabbat rakhne wale fan Ali bilaal aur zille shah ko naa mill sake.

Imran khan ne kaha k main us k baaray mein baat krta thaa aur us se mulaqaat krne e wala thaa k yeh hadisaa paish aa giaa.

Us k baad imran khan sahb ne faisla kiaa hai k ab wooh apne tmaam fanz se mulaaqat krain ge.

Is Faisla k baad bahut saaray karkunaan aur 3 bahut e mohabbat krne wale bachon se mulaqaat ki bachon ne aik aik kr k aisi poetry imran khaan ko sunaai k imran khan hairaan reh gay.

Aap bhi un bachon ko sun kar haraan hoon ge.


Pakistan’s Solar Revolution: Latest Solar Panel Costs, Types, and Benefits in 2023

Solar energy is becoming cheaper and more reliable worldwide. Pakistan already relies on solar power. By 2022, the government will install 10,000 MW of solar power, enough to power 3.5 million homes. This post will cover the newest solar panel costs in Pakistan and help you make an informed decision about solar energy. This page covers solar panel types and benefits. Read on if you want to go solar or learn about the latest Pakistani solar market developments!


Pakistan 2023 Solar Panel Price

Pakistan’s 2023 solar panel pricing depends on several factors. They include solar energy demand, raw material prices, government policies, and solar panel growth.

Solar energy businesses will determine Pakistan’s 2023 solar panel price. Solar panel prices in Pakistan would rise if solar energy demand rises. Solar panel prices in Pakistan would drop if solar energy demand drops.

Raw material prices will affect Pakistan’s 2023 solar panel price. Pakistani solar panel prices rise with raw material costs.

In 2023, government initiatives will affect solar panel prices in Pakistan. Pakistani solar panel prices will rise if government policies do. Pakistani solar panel prices will drop if government policies do.

The 2023 Pakistani solar panel price will be affected by industry growth. Solar panel prices in Pakistan would fall if the industry grows slowly. Solar panel prices in Pakistan will rise quickly if the sector grows quickly.

2. Why use solar panels?

Why invest in solar panels? Solar panels have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. Solar panels’ true benefits?
Photovoltaic panels have been bad news lately. ц
Solar panels have been bad news lately. Solar panels’ true benefits?

1. Solar panels are an excellent household or business investment.
2. Solar panel system cost?

Pakistani solar panel prices will rise in the coming years. Solar panels are expected to rise as solar energy becomes more popular and inexpensive. Pakistan’s solar panel system cost?
Solar panel systems cost between PKR 50,000 and PKR 1 million, depending on size, location, and quality. Installation costs must be considered.

4. Solar panel kinds

Concentrated solar panels utilize mirrors to focus sunlight on a tiny area to create power from heat. Thermal solar panels convert sunlight into power.

5. What will the 2023 Pakistani solar panel installation cost?

Pakistani solar installation prices will rise in the coming years. Solar panels, inverters, cables, and labor will rise by almost 50%. This post will explain why prices will rise and show you how much solar installation costs in different nations.

. Due to its abundant sunlight and proximity to solar resource locations, the country has considerable solar energy potential. Solar energy’s high cost prevents wider implementation.

Solar panel prices have plummeted to their lowest ever. Due to rising solar panel producers, rising solar system installations, and lowering solar module prices.
6. Will Pakistan prioritize solar energy in 2023?

Pakistan’s 2023 solar energy focus is crucial. Solar energy is the future and will only grow in popularity. Solar energy is fantastic for businesses and consumers because it’s affordable and ecologically beneficial.
Solar energy is popular for several reasons. It’s eco-friendly. Solar panels are clean and low-maintenance. Installing solar electricity is affordable. Finally, solar energy is becoming more popular as a good alternative to traditional energy sources.

7. How will solar energy affect Pakistan’s ecology in 2023?

Solar energy is booming worldwide. The environment benefits from cheaper and more accessible solar energy. Solar energy is projected to increase quickly in Pakistan. Some reasons:

Solar energy is cheaper.
Solar energy is more available.
Solar energy is more sustainable.
Solar energy is getting safer and greener.

Solar energy is booming worldwide. The environment benefits from cheaper and more accessible solar energy. Solar energy is projected to increase quickly in Pakistan. Some reasons:

1. Solar energy is cheaper.
2. Solar energy is more available.
3. Solar energy is more sustainable.
4. Solar energy is more reliable and sustainable.
5 Solar energy is greener.
6. Solar energy is getting safer and greener.

7 Solar energy efficiency?

8. Solar energy has obvious benefits, but how efficient is it?
Solar energy is efficient yet location-dependent. Solar energy is efficient in sunny locations.

9. Does solar energy have drawbacks?

Solar is the future! When buying solar panels, consider the negatives.
Solar energy is unreliable.
. Solar panel systems cost less than local utility company electricity, but it takes a long time to pay off. Third, solar energy can pollute. The heat from solar panels can be an issue in hot climes. Fourth, solar energy is not available everywhere. Finally, solar energy is sometimes unavailable. Solar energy can be dangerous. Solar panel installation and use might damage you. Eighth, frigid climates make solar energy unreliable. Seventh, high winds can affect solar energy. Ninth, solar energy is unreliable when the sun is not out. Tenth, power outages can affect solar energy. . Twelve, solar energy is unreliable for long power outages. Thirteenth, poor weather affects solar energy. Fourteenth, solar energy is unreliable when the sun is not shining. Fifteenth, solar energy can fail when the grid goes down. Sixteenth, solar energy is unreliable for long power outages.

10. How will solar energy affect the economy of Pakistan in 2023?

  •  Solar energy is gaining prominence due to environmental concerns.
  • It benefits the environment and economy.
  • In the coming years, solar energy will boom in Pakistan. Some reasons:
  • Solar energy is cheaper: Solar energy is weather-independent and can be used anytime. Solar energy can power systems and residences during peak hours.
  • Solar energy is dependable. Solar energy uses the sun’s energy and is unaffected by weather.
  • Solar energy uses no fossil fuels and is environmentally favorable.
  • Solar energy can be scaled quickly and is not geographically limited. Solar panels can be deployed in big quantities and disseminated nationwide.
  • Solar energy can power homes, businesses, and grids. Solar energy is renewable.
  • Solar energy is trustworthy. Solar energy uses the sun’s energy and is unaffected by weather.
  • Solar energy is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Solar energy uses no fossil fuels and is environmentally favorable.
  • Solar panels can be deployed in big quantities and disseminated nationwide.
  • Solar energy is renewable.

Enjoyed our solar panel price in Pakistan 2023 article? Pakistan’s solar energy revolution is predicted to lower solar panel prices in the next years. This article covers 2023 Pakistani solar panel prices. A chart shows how solar panel prices have changed over the years. This article explains 2023 Pakistani solar panel prices. Thanks!


Anne Curtis, Ready to Run for a Meaningful Cause in the 2023 Tokyo Marathon

Anne Curtis Will Run the 2023 Tokyo Marathon for a Good Reason

Filipino actress and TV anchor Anne Curtis is making news as she runs the 2023 Tokyo Marathon on Sunday, March 5, with her husband, Erwan Heussaff, and their daughter, Dahlia. The pair is utilising this big occasion to raise donations for UNICEF Philippines, which helps abused Filipino children recover.


Curtis travelled to Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate her daughter’s 3rd birthday days before the marathon. On March 3, 2023, she posted her marathon preparations on Instagram. She exclaimed, “Mama’s turn!” Bib! Ready! The worrisome part—two antigen testing on Sunday.”

Curtis is running the marathon for herself and to help others. She raises money for abused children with UNICEF Philippines. Curtis runs the marathon to motivate others to support this worthy cause.

UNICEF Philippines Significance

UNICEF Philippines has diligently improved Filipino children’s lives for over 70 years. The organization’s goal is to give every kid education, healthcare, protection, and opportunity. Millions of Filipino youngsters still lack safe water and sanitation.

UNICEF Philippines’ biggest issue is child abuse. Physical, sexual, and mental abuse affects thousands of Filipino children annually. Without assistance and treatment, these traumatic occurrences may damage their mental and physical health.

Supporting UNICEF Philippines helps these children get counselling, medical care, and legal aid. UNICEF Philippines can safeguard children and improve their futures with your support.

Marathon Challenges

Even seasoned marathoners struggle. To prepare psychologically and physically for the challenge, it requires months of hard practise. This is much harder for busy mother and star Anne Curtis.

Running big distances is only part of marathon preparation. To stay fit, you must balance training, nutrition, and rest. To enhance her marathon performance, Curtis has been training for months and following a rigorous food and sleep routine.

Running a marathon is stressful physically and mentally. Marathoners encounter tiredness, dehydration, and cramping. They must psychologically push themselves to overcome physical hurdles and stay inspired throughout the marathon.

Curtis will finish the marathon and earn money for a good cause despite these obstacles. Her perseverance inspires many.


Celebrities like Anne Curtis use their fame for good. She raises money and awareness for UNICEF Philippines by running the 2023 Tokyo Marathon.

بیٹی کو بھگا کے لے جاؤں گا تیری آنکھوں کے سامنے تو روک بھی نہیں سکتا

Chotta Bachha very funny video

Karachi ka ek bahut hi Harami  baccha aap is video mein dekh sakte hain ki is bacche ki is funny video mein is Ne Aisi Aisi baten bol de anchor bhi Pareshan ho gai.

بیٹی کو بھگا کے لے جاؤں گا تیری آنکھوں کے سامنے تو روک بھی نہیں سکتا تیری بڑی بیٹی بھی نہیں روک سکتی کیوں? مجھے بتا تمہارا نام کیا ہے? کراچی کا حرامی ہوں.

ترکی میں زلزلہ: پاکستانی خاتون ریسکیو ورکر نے ایک خطرناک ریسکیو آپریشن کے بعد 50 سالہ خاتون کو بچا لیا

 ترکی میں زلزلہ: پاکستانی خاتون ریسکیو ورکر نے ایک خطرناک ریسکیو آپریشن کے بعد 50 سالہ خاتون کو بچا لیا۔

 ہم ایک ریسکیو آپریشن کر رہے تھے اور اسی وقت دعا کر رہے تھے کہ پھنسے ہوئے ہم تینوں کو بحفاظت نکال لیا جائے گا یا نہیں۔ یہ غیر یقینی تھا کہ خون کب بہے گا۔

 یہ الفاظ پاکستانی ریسکیو ٹیم کی واحد خاتون رکن دیبا شاہ ناز کے ہیں جنہوں نے ترکی میں زلزلے کے بعد ایک خطرناک ریسکیو آپریشن کے بعد ایک 50 سالہ خاتون کو بچایا۔

 واضح طور پر کہا گیا ہے کہ ترکی اور شام میں آنے والے زلزلوں سے ہلاکتوں کی تعداد 25 ہزار سے تجاوز کر رہی ہے۔

 زلزلے کے بعد کئی افراد عمارتوں کے ملبے تلے دب گئے۔ ان افراد کی تلاش اور ریسکیو کے لیے سرچ اینڈ ریسکیو ٹیم کی جانب سے بڑے پیمانے پر ریسکیو آپریشن شروع کیا گیا۔

 اس آپریشن میں پاکستانی سرچ اینڈ ریسکیو ٹیم کے ساتھ ترکی سمیت دنیا کے مختلف ممالک کے حکام نے بھی حصہ لیا۔

 پاکستان ریسکیو ٹیم کا آپریشن

 موجودہ حالات میں سردی کی شدت نے اس آپریشن کے لیے مزید مشکلات پیدا کر دی ہیں تاہم اب تک متعدد افراد کو زندہ بچا لیا گیا ہے۔

 پاکستان ریسکیو ٹیم

 7 فروری کو پاکستان کی ریسکیو ٹیم کی قیادت ڈاکٹر رحمان ناصر کر رہے تھے۔

 دیبا شہناز اور اختر پاکستانی ریسکیو ٹیم اقوام متحدہ کے سیکرٹریٹ اربن سرچ اینڈ ریسکیو ٹیم کی رکن ہیں اور 2006 میں قائم ہونے والے ریسکیو 1122 کی واحد خاتون رکن ہیں۔

 انٹرنیشنل سرچ اینڈ ریسکیو ایڈوائزر گروپ اقوام متحدہ کی ذیلی ایجنسی کا مخفف ہے۔

 عدیان- ترکی میں کمیونیکیشن اور سیکٹر آپریشنز کی سربراہ دیبا شہناز اور لیزان افسر پاکستان ریسکیو ٹیم کے ساتھ ریسکیو آپریشن میں حصہ لے رہی ہیں۔

 دیبا شہناز ریسکیو 1122 کے ٹریننگ اور انفارمیشن ونگ کی قیادت کر رہی ہیں، جبکہ ایڈیان نے ایک خطرناک اور پیچیدہ ریسکیو آپریشن کی قیادت کی اور ایک 50 سالہ خاتون کو ریسکیو آپریشن کی سربراہ کے طور پر بچایا۔

 “ترجمان راشد پنجاب فاروق احمد نے حالیہ ریسکیو آپریشن کے حوالے سے جاری پاکستان ریسکیو ٹیم (ریسکیو 1122) کو آگاہ کرتے ہوئے بتایا ہے کہ پاکستان ریسکیو ٹیم نے ایک گرتی ہوئی عمارت کے ملبے سے پھنسی ہوئی خاتون گلائی کو کامیابی کے ساتھ نکال لیا۔

 ‘یہ کسی معجزے سے کم نہیں تھا’

 دیبا شہناز نے ایک ویڈیو بیان میں ریسکیو آپریشن کی تفصیلات بتاتے ہوئے کہا کہ ‘میں اور میری ٹیم کو جو کہ پانچ افراد پر مشتمل تھا، کو جائے وقوعہ سے آنے والی آوازوں کو سننے کا ٹاسک دیا گیا اور ہم نے وہاں ایک خاتون کو پھنسی ہوئی پائی۔’

 یہ ایک رہائشی عمارت کا ملبہ تھا جو زلزلے کے باعث منہدم ہو گیا تھا۔

 یہ واضح ہے کہ بچ جانے والوں کی تلاش اور بچاؤ کا کام کھلی جگہوں کی تلاش سے شروع ہوتا ہے، جیسے کنکریٹ میں دراڑیں یا ملبے کے نیچے خالی جگہ، جہاں لوگوں کے پھنسے ہونے کا امکان زیادہ ہوتا ہے۔”

 دیبا نے کہا کہ بہادری کے ساتھ ہمارے اقدامات نے چیلنج کا مقابلہ کیا۔ چیلنج کی ویڈیو میں دیبا شہز اور ٹیم کے ممبران ایک بند تہہ خانے میں تنگ اور خطرناک صورتحال میں داخل ہوتے ہوئے نظر آ رہے ہیں۔

 دیبا نے بتایا کہ جب وہ عمارت میں خاتون کے پاس پہنچے تو وہ ایک تنگ جگہ پر تھی۔ خاتون کی دونوں ٹانگیں بلاکس کے اندر پھنسی ہوئی تھیں۔

 یہ ایک طویل چیلنج تھا۔ دیبا نے بتایا کہ چیلنج کے چار گھنٹوں کے دوران، وہ خاتون کی ایک ٹانگ کو چھوڑنے میں کامیاب رہے لیکن دوسری کو چھوڑنے میں مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا پڑا۔

 انہوں نے کاٹنے کا کوئی اوزار استعمال نہیں کیا کیونکہ عمارت کی صورتحال مستحکم نہیں تھی اور سطح ہل رہی تھی۔

 ان کا کہنا تھا کہ وہ بھی پھنس گئے ہیں۔ انہوں نے آپس میں بحث کی اور فیصلہ کیا کہ دوسری ٹانگ کاٹنا ہی واحد راستہ ہے۔ انہوں نے مدد کے لیے فائر ڈیپارٹمنٹ سے رابطہ کیا اور ڈاکٹروں کو مطلع کیا۔

 تاہم خاتون کی دوسری ٹانگ کو چھوڑنے کی ان کی کوششیں ناکام ہو گئیں۔

Get Daily Urdu News info Muft Malomat Whatsapp Group

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Tere Bina: A Journey Through the World of Bollywood Music

Bollywood music has been entertaining audiences for decades, captivating hearts with its lively beats and captivating melodies. From upbeat party tracks to soulful ballads, there is something for everyone in the world of Bollywood music.

The History of Bollywood Music

Bollywood music has its roots in the Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, which is based in Mumbai, India. The first Bollywood film, “Alam Ara,” was released in 1931 and featured seven songs, setting the precedent for the integration of music into Indian cinema. Since then, Bollywood music has evolved and grown, with hundreds of new songs being released every year.


The Evolution of Bollywood Music

Bollywood music has come a long way since its early days, embracing new styles and incorporating elements from other genres. From classical music to electronic beats, Bollywood music has embraced change and evolved to keep up with the times. The result is a rich tapestry of musical styles that have captivated audiences for generations.

The Power of Bollywood Music

Bollywood music holds a special place in the hearts of many Indians, evoking memories of childhood, special moments, and happy times. Music is an integral part of Indian culture, reflecting the emotions and experiences of the people who create and listen to it. It is a symbol of hope, unity, and joy, bringing people together in a shared love of music.

The Magic of Bollywood Lyrics

Bollywood music is renowned for its lyrics, which are often deeply emotional and thought-provoking. From love songs to political anthems, the lyrics of Bollywood music touch on a wide range of subjects, providing a window into the hearts and minds of the Indian people. The lyrics are often written in a mixture of Hindi and Urdu, two of the most widely spoken languages in India, adding to the depth and beauty of the music.

The Role of Bollywood Music in Indian Society

Bollywood music plays an important role in Indian society, serving as a source of entertainment and a means of expressing cultural values and beliefs. Music is a powerful tool for promoting national unity and pride, reflecting the diverse and rich cultural heritage of India. It is also a source of inspiration and hope, providing a message of positivity and resilience in the face of adversity.

The Future of Bollywood Music

As the world continues to evolve and change, Bollywood music will continue to grow and adapt. With new technologies and innovations, the future of Bollywood music is bright, offering new and exciting opportunities for artists and fans alike. Whether it’s through new styles, new technologies, or new ways of experiencing music, Bollywood music will remain a vibrant and dynamic part of Indian culture for generations to come.


Tere Bina is just one example of the rich and diverse world of Bollywood music. From its humble beginnings to its current place as a cultural icon, Bollywood music has captivated audiences with its unique blend of rhythm, melody, and emotion. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering the magic of Bollywood music for the first time, there’s never been a better time to explore this exciting and ever-evolving genre.