Celebration in Dubai after Pakistan win the match against India – Muft Malomat

Pakistan defeated India by 5 wickets and won the match

Today, the Super Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan took place in Dubai, in which Pakistan won the match by defeating India by 5 wickets. Friends of Pakistan and India living in Dubai enjoyed the match between India and Pakistan in Dubai. Pakistan won today’s Super Asia Cup match against India, defeating India by 5 wickets.

Pakistanis living in Dubai are celebrating in Dubai after winning the match against India. Friends living in Dubai, namely India and Pakistan, enjoyed the cricket match between India and Pakistan.

These two friends watched the match together and while giving an interview in the video of Urdu Point, they said that we have watched the match with great fun and that today’s match was a great match.

Urdopoint’s representative also interviewed the fans watching the India-Pakistan match while leaving the stadium in Dubai and asked them how they enjoyed the Pakistan-India match and they were very happy. He gave an interview and told that we have enjoyed the match between India and Pakistan very well.

Pakistan’s victory is being celebrated in Dubai:


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