Clever Hacks For Make-up Hacks- 5minute crafts


 Clever Hacks For Make-up Hacks- 5minute crafts

Clever Hacks For Make-up:

Here are some amazing hacks for makeup lovers. It may include some tips and tricks.  following them you can use your makeup in some new ways. You can create new makeup products for yourself with your old make using these hacks. And there are also some ideas to recycle your makeup.

Making Of Blush:

Here is an amazing idea to make blush with your old lipstick. Take your old lipstick. Mix it with your lotion. Blend it smoothly. Let it sit and your DIY blush is ready.

Set Your Face Powder:

If your face powder is getting finished from the center and remaining on the sides. Try this amazing hack to set it in all over the kit. Mixfix it from the sides and add some rubbing alcohol into it. Mix them well and spread them. Let it dry and it’s ready.

Foundation Hack:

If your foundation is getting finished you are unable to pump it out. Use this hack to put it out. Take a straw cut it like shown in the picture and use it to get it off from the bottle. Now you can store it in any container.

Want To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger:

Bigger eyes look beautiful. Some people have naturally bigger eyes but few of us do not. Use this idea to make your eyes look bigger. Apply white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger.

DIY Eyebrows Filler:

You can make eyebrows filler at home using this idea to enhance your beauty. Every time you do your makeup it’s important to fill your brows because without it your makeup looks incomplete. You can make a DIY Eyebrows filler at home with banana peel by burning it. Add some vaseline or lip balm to it. Apply it on your eyebrows to complete your makeup.

Colorful Effect of Eyeliner:

We are presenting an amazing DIY idea to add an Effect to your eyeliner. Apply concealer on your eyes like we apply eyeliner and then apply eyeshadow on it. Apply Black eyeliner at last to complete it.

Save Your Lipstick:

If your favorite lipstick is getting finished and you are unable to apply it try this hack to use it for next. Open it from the baking side get out of it your lipstick. Put it in a container and melt it with the latter. You can use it with a brush.

Dried Eyeliner:

If you find that your eyeliner is dry you can make it fix with this to tip and reuse it instead of throwing it. Change the side of its tip. It will work like you recently brought it.

Nail Filler:

If you find that your nail filler is not working well. Here is an amazing tip to make it work perfectly. Remove of its upper layer it will start working fine.

Natural Wrinkles:

I always find myself confusing that why people like wrinkles. Anyhow if you are that type of person use this trick to get natural wrinkles. Spread some brown eyeshadow under your eyes and on your nose. Gently blend it with a make-up brush to give it a natural touch.

Nail Art:

If you are unable to apply white nail paint on your nail ends try this hack to apply it perfectly without any mistakes. Cut your nail polish’s brush like this to get perfect results.

Dried Mascara:

If you find your mascara is dry reuse it instead of throwing using this amazing hack. Add few drops of olive oil and shake it. Mascara is ready to reuse.

Fix Your Foundation:

If you have a foundation that is not all match your skin tone. Use this hack to get the perfect shade of it. Add two color lipstick drops into it according to your skin tone.

Eyeliner Hack:

If your eyeliner is finished we have an amazing idea for you to make a liner out of your pencil colors. Dip black color hot water for some time and then use it as eyeliner. You can also use it as a lip pencil.

Hide pimples:

Here is an amazing idea to hide your pimple with make-up. Add a little bit of face powder to your foundation to get coverage and to hide your pimple.

Bad Coverage Of Lipstick:

If your lipstick isn’t giving complete coverage to your lips. Try this hack to get smooth coverage. Apply lip balm on your lips before applying lipstick on them.


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