Click Bank Products and their Promotions and Strategies

Click Bank Products and their Promotions and Strategies

Lecture no : 6

In this lecture, today we will talk about 3steps:

Creating Affiliate Links in Click Bank

Finding Good Affiliate Products

Different Ways of Promoting Products in Click Bank

Creating Affiliate Links in Click Bank

We have to choose a product from the click bank page then, we will see how to generate its link. The affiliate link is also called Hope link. For example, when we all choose a spirituality product, we click on the Promote button for that product.

Now you have to set your account nickname. Then we have to click on generate Hope link. This way, we will have a link show that will be our hope link of this product.

We have to copy this link and share it in the description on our Facebook ads.

Finding Good Affiliate Products:

In this lecture, we will tell you how to find good products on click bank because the better the product, the more sales will be higher. We will also learn things to take care of while choosing a good product.

Rules to Find Google Affiliate Products on Click Bank:

Remain in your niche.

Stats> gravity and other stats-filters and recurring related filters.

Manual adult of sales page.

Affiliate Tools Page-Sales Support.

Consider Trends of the product through different Sources.

Now we go to the Click Bank Market page. We have many filters that we can use. If we choose products, we must first look at how popular it is and if it is popular then, why it is popular.

Most of the products are popular because of their tools. The more products tools have, the easier it will be to sell. We need a lot of resources for promotions.

Different Ways of Promoting Products in Click Bank

In most of the cases your- Affiliate page will tell you ways to promote your products.

Your platform(website/blog):

Banners Ads

In content referrals

Full length reviews


Influencer Marketing.

Using Quora.

Facebook-Groups (try to add values & put your affiliate link)

Doing Paid Ads.

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