Complete information about floods in Pakistan and how many big floods are coming in Pakistan, scientists have given a warning

More Risk of more floods in Pakistan Full flood information in this article and in this video

Complete information about floods in Pakistan and how many big floods are coming in Pakistan, scientists have given a warning My heart is shaking while writing this information, may Allah never let this happen and this information can never be true.

According to the research done by scientists on the occurrence of so many floods in Pakistan, they have told that there are about 7200 glaciers in Pakistan that are continuously melting. Because of the melting of the ice on the glaciers, the intensity of heat also starts to increase as the temperature increases and the amount of water in the oceans increases, and now the evaporation increases due to this. It starts raining heavily۔

People living in Pakistan must have noticed that this time has shown a lot more heat than before۔ This year, our country has also lost the fruits that we used to send to foreign countries Because this year the fruits ripened prematurely due to high heat Due to high heat, the fruit ripened early and its size has also reduced The people of other countries who used to appreciate the fruits of our country, this year our country was also deprived of this appreciation.

How much damage has been done due to floods in Pakistan so far?

There are so many flood disasters in Pakistan, the number of which has not been confirmed yet, because our media and other people have not been able to reach these places and have not been able to reach them, because even such roads are not available. Bridges are also broken and it is very difficult to go there Where people used to use bridges to cross mountain passes, all those bridges have been broken and now there is no way for people to reach there.

Millions of houses have been destroyed due to floods, millions of buildings have been destroyed, huge hotels have been destroyed and people’s crops have been destroyed. The food and drink, the grains in their houses have all been affected by the flood The number of people who died in the flood is said to be in the thousands, but this number is not yet confirmed, because of the extent of destruction and the number of houses that have been destroyed, it seems that the number of deaths is in the millions.

There is also the cost of many such deaths that people had taken safe shelter in their homes, but the flood was so fast that it destroyed large buildings and people died buried in the buildings. Millions of livestock have also died and so many have been washed away and buried under mud in rivers that it is difficult to count.

How many people affected by the flood have received food, medicine, and essential items?

Aid is being delivered to the people affected by the floods in Pakistan from all over the world. Overseas Pakistanis have also stepped up to help the flood-affected people Thousands of trucks from different cities of Pakistan are reaching the flood victims It has also been heard from news and media that so far only 10% of the relief materials have reached the people because the destruction is so great and there are places where it is still difficult to reach and such people are affected. They should also have enough medicines and enough equipment to make all kinds of conveniences for themselves, such as avoiding mosquitoes, avoiding dengue, burning fire to heat food, and everywhere there is so much water. That those people can’t keep their food there and the biggest thing is that the Naat aid trucks and aid people are still not able to reach there.

Many NGOs big and small in Pakistan are very active in helping flood-affected people.

How fast are Pakistan’s glaciers melting and how much more rain can Pakistan get and how much more damage can be done?

Once again, I appeal to you people to pray, May Allah protects us from further flood disasters in Pakistan, and May AؒؒLLAH keeps Pakistan safe and saves us from all future dangers. Because the research of scientists is telling that the glaciers are moving further and there is a risk of more rains coming to Pakistan and the more rains there are, the bigger the floods will be and there will be no more destruction.

You can get all the information about how much more flood risk is there in Pakistan and how much rain can happen in this reality TV video.

If you watch this video of reality TV, you will understand that in any media, in any video, you people will not know so much truth as the more good video and the more information recorded by the cameras of real people. It clearly shows how many floods have occurred in Pakistan and many houses have been destroyed. Many crops have been destroyed. Young men and women have become homeless and many have passed away.

More Floods to Coming in Pakistan as 7200 Glaciers are Melting Down


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