Cool Hacks For Everyday Life Hacks for Every Girl

Cool Hacks For Everyday Life Hacks for Every Girl 

Cool Hacks For Everyday Life Hacks for Every Girl 5-minute crafts DIY



Today, we will be discussing some cool hacks of everyday life that are helpful for girls. So, let’s have a look at them. 


 Hack no 1: 
If you are at a party and your sendal is tight or your little toe is outside your sendal and looking awkward. Just move on the side, color your little toe with the help of lipstick or any other thing so that it may get matched with the sandal and you may not feel bad in public. Thanks to your lipstick that saved you from shame.
 Hack no 2:
If you are going outside and want to wear a loose shrug over a sleeveless top and it gets burnt during ironing. Do not feel bad, just cut it half horizontally and wear it over your favorite top. It will not only save your time but also will make you look cool. 
 Hack no 3:
 If you have to sing in front of the public and are confused just cheer up. If you are wearing a silk top and feel it is sticking to your body, take out hand cream from your handbag, apply it on your thighs and go to the stage confidently to give your performance.
 Hack no 4:
 If you are posing for pictures in the studio and your hair is fluttering, just take out deodorant from your handbag and apply it to your hair. Your hair will be settled and will not divert your attention. You can click good pictures by using this trick.
 Hack no 5: 
Sometimes, you get frustrated when you are ready to go out for a party but you are unable to close the back zip of your favorite top. Do not get angry, use the head of your cloth hanger to pull the zip from your back and save your time and energy.
Hack no 6: 
Suppose, you are walking on a beach and one of the slippers you are wearing tears off. What would you do as an immediate step? Use a piece of cloth or your short scarf for this purpose, fold it pass it through the holes of the slipper with the help of a pencil, tie a knot from the edges and walk comfortably. Apply this trick to both shoes to look cool.
 Hack no 7: 
If you are enjoying a long drive with your friends and notice that one of your applied artificial eyelashes is missing. Do not feel embarrassed, just take out a marker eyeliner from your purse, mark upward lines from the edge of your eye, and these lines will portray like artificial eyelashes. 
 Hack no 8: 
Apply deodorant on your legs if they are sticky and embarrassing you while you are out with your friends. 
 Hack no 9: 
After coming from shopping, you will be moving with a cup of coffee in your hands which spills on your shirt due to the mistake of a passerby. Do not feel ashamed, take out a new shirt from the shopping bag, sit on a nearby bench. Take out your hand from one of the sleeves of the shirt you are wearing and immediately put on the new shirt, remove the previous shirt by pulling it out gently and enjoy your look in the new shirt.
 Hack no 10:
 If you are exercising in a gym and your trainer points out your long hair, go to a side, use a rubber band or laces of your sneakers and tie your hair in such a way that your long hair will look short and no more interrupt your fitness session. 
 Hack no 11:
If you have to go to such a place where open-toe shoes are not allowed and you are wearing fancy sandals. Arrange a pair of socks and wear them over your shoes. It will temporarily save you from punishment.
Hack no 12: 
Sometimes, you get a period spot on your pants while you are outside, the immediate step is to cover that spot with the help of any cloth or tie your top along your waist to save yourself from embarrassment. 
 Hack no 13:
 Do not wear a hat freely as the air breeze can easily take it off from your head. Tie a paperclip and a rubber band on two opposite inner sides of your hat and wind the rubber band around the pinna of your both ears to keep your hat stuck to your head.
 Hack no 14:
When you go to an important meeting and one leg of your glasses gets broken while opening it in haste. Apply a superglue immediately and wear your glasses after some time. Super Glue saves your time. Use nail polish remover if superglue gets stuck to your fingers,
 Hack no 15:
 If you always take out extra toothpaste from the tube while brushing your teeth, prefer to use an automatic toothpaste dispenser to save your time as well as toothpaste from wasting. 
 Hack no 16:
One of the fastest ways of getting rid of underarm hair is to make a paste of powdered coffee, toothpaste, and lemon juice and apply it to your underarms. All the hair will be removed within minutes. 
 Hack no 17:
 If your hand gets burned during ironing your clothes, do not worry, apply a layer of aloe vera over it.
 Hack no 18: 
One of the quickest ways to save your time is that if you are wearing socks and one sock has a hole from your big toe, apply a black permanent marker over your big toe so that it will mimic socks. 
 Hack no 19:
 If you want to get rid of a pimple on the face by using home remedies. Take out a teabag, soak it in water, chill it in a freezer for some time, and massage it over your pimple.
 Hack no 20: 
Sometimes, while applying nail polish over your nails, your nail polish finishes. Do not get worried. The best way to get out of this situation is to take out a lipstick matching with the color you are applying on your nails, melt it and mix it with transparent nail polish to get the nail polish of your desired color.
Hack no 21: 
To clean a rusty straightener quickly, soak a towel in coca-cola and rub the metallic surface of the straightener with this towel. After some time all the rust will disappear. 
 Hack no 22:
 Tie a ribbon over the lock of a top to close the zip from your back easily. 
 Hack no 23:
 Apply cotton pads with hair clips to avoid the crease of hair from being deranged. 
 Hack no 24: 
If you feel that the stuff of your fancy bras gets damaged while washing them in a washing machine, clean them safely in a dishwasher next time.
 Hack no 25:
 For taking a picture of a far object from your mobile camera, take the help of a magnifying glass but wind a piece of paper around it before use. These hacks can not only save you time and effort but can also work as a temporary solution for many problems faced by you in everyday life.

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