Cute And Simple Jewelry You Can Make In 5 Minute

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Cute And Simple Jewelry You Can Make In 5 Minute

DIY tricks and hacks are actually working and beneficial when there’s an emergency or an hour of need. This vedio tells you how to use a glue in various forms in our daily life routine to save time and money. We can make colorful jewelry pieces , decorations, toys and also can do repairing work. These tricks and hacks would definitely help you out in the daily routine tasks.

Kiwi earings: Take a piece of kiwi fruit and apply UF gel on both sides. Place it under UF lamp and add a earing piece to it.

Leaf earings: take a leaf and draw its shape on it with a color glue. Remove the leaf and add earing piece.

Bead’s earing: Take colorful beads and add earing piece to it.

Pasta earing: take pasta and color it with your favorite color, add an earing piece to it and its ready to wear.

Staple pins bracelet: take some staple pins and fix them with glue, add beads to them and attach colorful strings on both sides as bracelet.

Button holder: Take a button holder and put some beads on it cover with glue and spread glitter over it. Beautiful buttons are ready.

Foam sheet earing: take soft sheet/foam sheet, cut into desired shapes or characters and attach them with earing piece.

Bottle caps pins: take some metal bottle caps and add tim can holders inside it. Now fix a safety pin inside it .

Rose locket chain: Take a small rose and put it inside a round shape, fill it with UF gel and wait until solid. Add it in a locket chain.

Bead ring: Take a bead, add copper wire into it and roll it around a pen or pipe. Ring is ready to wear.

Colorful clay earrings: take some colorful clay strips, make a surface out of them and cut in shapes. Add earing piece and its ready to wear.

Chips earings: take 2 potato chips and apply UV nail gels on its both sides. Let it be solid and add earing piece on the top of it.

Button earing: take colorful buttons and add earing pieces on the top.

Colorful earing: draw a shape or character on plastic sheet and draw or color on it with color glue. Cut the shape or character and add earing piece to it.

Colorful rings: take a pipe of your ring size and roll UV gel around it . Let it be solid and pull it out.

Colorful bracelet: Take a string of your bangle size and cover it with your UV gel. Let it be solid and spread glitter over it .

Plastic sheet earing: make a shape out of a plastic sheet and microwave it, add earing piece and its ready to wear.

Candle holders: take red soft sheet, cut petals and attach them to make a flower. Place a candle in the middle of it.

Flower ring: take yellow soft sheet, cut petals and attach them to make a flower.attach a simple ring under it.

Flower separater: take a soft sheet, make circles in it and put it over a flower vase, place flowers in it.

Chips shaped clay earrings: make round clay surfaces, make shapes with a scale, add earing piece and let it be solid.

Clay envelope: make a clay envelope and solidify it for small cards and letters to keep.

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