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Cute And Useful Glue Gun DIY Crafts For Every Problem Repair Tricks And Home Decor 

DIY tricks and hacks are actually working and beneficial when there’s an emergency or an hour of need. This vedio tells you how to use a glue in various forms in our daily life routine to save time and money. We can make colorful curls, funky goggles, curtain holders, cup covers, fake nails, jewelry, toys and also can do repairing work. These tricks and hacks would definitely help you out in the daily routine tasks. 


Colorful Key Holders: For making your keys look different from one another,Take a paper and draw a character, place the key in it and now use the glue to cover the character and the key’s holder portion. Decorate the upper portion.


Habit tracker: If you’re trying to maka a habit tracker quickly. Make a group of pencils in a line and attach them. Then, use them together to make a habit tracker.


Noise free Door: If your door makes noise when shut then, apply some glue on the door corners to avoid the voice of the door shutting.


Colorful Eyelashes: If you’re interested in making colorful eye lashes then, take a round surface and make a half curve then make lines out of it like hair. Your colorful eyelashes are ready to apply.


Colorful hair curls: take a hair pin and make curls out of it. Use these hair pins and you would get colorful hair curls as you want.


Sandals: Make a foot soul shape and cover it with glue,make the front and back part with that glue too. Let it cool and you got your favorite sandals at your home.


Goggles: Make a good goggles shape on a paper and make the outline and frame with the glue. Attach them together and you will get your colorful and funky goggles at home easily.


Curtain holders: If you want curtain holders for your curtains, make 2 half rounded shapes with the glue and attach them together with it. You can decorate it as you like.


Cup covers: If you want to avoid your tea to fall and ruin your work, you can make a homemade cover by the glue for it. Cover the cup with a foil paper and spread the glue over it.Cool it down and Your homemade cup covers are ready. 


Shopping bags: You can take an object of the size you want to make your shopping bag. Make lines or strips over it as you want for your bag and make it in a bag’s shape. Now remove the object from it and your DIY shopping bag is here.


Fake nails: Take the shape of your nails on a paper by drawing and cut them into your exact nails shape, fix and enjoy.


Non-slippery tool: if your dishes are vertically placed and falling again and again, apply some dots of glue below them and they would stop slipping.


Tooth brush holder: If you’re offended by mix tooth brushes then make a couple of glue lines between them so that they would stay away from each other.


Jewelry: you can make DIY jewelry also. Use a ring or a bottle cap, fill in some beads or pearls and cover with the glue,put a thumb pin over it. let it cool and use as earings. 


Toys: you can make DIY toys for your kids too by applying the glue over different object to make them as character to play for your kids.


Repairing: you can also do repairing by thus glue at your home.

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