Deciding Affiliate Marketing Niche

Lecture no 3:

Deciding Affiliate Marketing Niche


What is the niche in Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to do affiliate marketing. So, finding a profitable niche should be your first priority.

When we go to sell a product or service, we have to select our niche first. Niche is the most important in affiliate marketing. That means we have to sell the product according to our interests. For example, I am a doctor, and I have 30,000 followers on Instagram.

There is a singer who has 200,000 followers on Instagram. Similarly, when Singer posts some medicine on her Instagram account and tries to sell it. On the other hand, the doctor also shared the same post, then the audience will like the doctor’s post because her product Was according to the niche.

And Singer will not benefit because his product does not suit his niche. The doctor benefited because his niche was perfect for his product and his niche proved to be profitable for him and he got the commission.


Health and Wellness

Beauty and Make-up

Wealth and Financial Management

Romance and Dating

Ways of Finding Profitable Niches:

Consider your own interests.

Potential of monetization.

Consider search volume and potential traffic sources.

Find out the no. of potential traffic sources.

Elements of Niches:

Problems and passions




Sources of Niches:


Amazon Affiliate

Direct Ad Sales

Other Affiliate

Ad networks




Job Board

When we go to sell our product, we should see what kind of niche this product is in. All we have to do is select the profitable niche for ourselves.




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