Did Imran Khan prove to be dangerous for the people? It became clear from his statement

Did Imran Khan prove to be dangerous for the people? It became clear from his statement

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has told his opposition party that enmity with me is not good. At the same time, he made it clear to all quarters and journalists that if anyone ousted me or tried to oust me from the government, I would be so dangerous that you would have no idea what I could do. Imran Khan made it clear today that if anyone tried to oust me, I would take the people into the streets and chase away all opponents.

Imran Khan has blown up all the deals of opponents and politicians that are going on or have started on somewhere and stated that forgetting that I will let any kind of deal happen or let the election be hacked.

Let’s go ahead and talk clearly about what Imran khan’s plan is:

How dangerous is Imran Khan?

Imran Khan had already made this plan and it was in his mind that if anyone tried to get me out, I would bring people on the streets.

Let’s highlight Imran Khan’s statement of yesterday(23-01-2022).

A journalist asked Imran Khan:” The opposition is currently planning a deal. What will be the situation of the long March on 23 March and the people are in a state of panic?

What is the plan of the government?

what steps is your government taking”?


Imran khan’s encouraging statement.

Imran Khan replied:” if the opposition has not been able to do anything for the last three years, what will it do now? Opposition is sometimes expelling the public, sometimes it is marching, so let me tell you that the public only came out in the time of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, By the grace of ALLAH, the public will come out with me. Imran Khan also said yes, I know that people are tired of inflation but the people are not stupid.

They understand what the leader has done to them and which leader has to support and Imran Khan also says that Nawaz Sharif came out to save his theft but the people will support me because I came out to save people from their theft.

Imran Khan confidently said that this term was our government, and the next term will also be our government.

Imran Khan said that our government had faced the most challenges. No other government has faced so many challenges. If you take me out, I will be more dangerous for you. Right now, I am watching the spectacle in silence.

Then if I come out on the streets, you will not find a place to hide because people have recognized you and if I show them that in 30, 35 years what they have done to the people, they will come out, and all of them will run away with their faces covered.


Imran Khan pointed Nawaz Sharif without mentioning his name and said that he only loves money and he will never come back. I pray that he will come back. If Nawaz Sharif does not return, then the party may break up. Anyway, their time is up. They have deceived the people of Pakistan.


Imran Khan also said that Nawaz Sharif also says that” we are not citizens of Pakistan, even we do not have access to Pakistani bank, then how are eating their property”. They have looted billions and are indulging in luxuries in London, so how can they say that they have nothing”.


This statement clearly shows that Imran Khan is very dangerous, and if anyone tried to overthrow his government, then Imran Khan would bring the people to the streets. Imran Khan has categorically ruled out the possibility of a deal, and at the same time, the statement refers to Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who is marching and protesting against the government.

Imran Khan has clearly said that I will teach a lesson to anyone who tried to get me out. Imran Khan is not as dangerous in the government as he is a danger to the opposition. Imran Khan has clearly said that many secrets are buried in my chest, and it would not be good for anyone if he became hostile to me.

Then think for yourself how dangerous Imran Khan is. He has a lot of secrets about the people he has exposed. That is why people are afraid of Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a wise leader. You know what could be the situation now that everyone is scared of Imran Khan.


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