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Diet plan for weight loss

Losing weight is a very crucial task. Everyone wants to look healthy and beautiful. However, sometimes insecurities hit people so hard, and therefore one must make valuable adjustments in the lifestyle. These changes are extremely critical.

Because in order to lead a healthy life you need a healthy body and a healthy mind. It can be hard to manage both of them.


Keeping the body in shape and losing weight is a difficult task. In this article, we will explain in depth about best diet plans. We will list out the types of diets as well. Make sure to read this article till the very end.

You are what you eat

Table of contents:

  • Diet plan by an expert influence 
  • Easy diet plans 
  • Time to eat
  • Don’t eat these foods
  • Fad diet
  • Conclusion

Diet plan by an expert:

This diet is introduced by expressco.UK, nutritionist Clarissa To this date, many people have tried this diet. People got good results. 


For breakfast:

  • A pot full of fresh yogurt
  • Some berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberry, and any berry available)
  • Any oatmeal cereals
  • Some cashew nuts (preferably raw nuts)


  • For preparing this bowl we need ¼ of all the ingredients mentioned below.
  • Chicken 
  • Use any vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, and any vegetable you like to eat.
  • Rice but for this diet, we recommend using brown Basmati
  • Lastly, you need any fruit or vegetable that will fulfill your fats requirements such as eggs.


  • Prepare salmon  
  • Serve it with sweet potatoes
  • You can add any green vegetables such as broccoli, spearmint.

This is one of the best and most practical diet plans proposed by well known nutritionists. Most people are quite happy with the results they got with this diet plan so far. 

This diet plan is a must try if you want to lose weight and still don’t want to compromise on the foods and excite the taste buds.


Our tip: we highly recommend to consult your doctor if your weight is increasing drastically. Obesity gives an invitation to many diseases. However, you can follow diet plans in our articles regardless. These diet plans have little to no harm, and they will improve the quality of your lifestyle.


Easy diet plans :

Sometimes veggies, raw nuts, and many other ingredients are not available at home or nearby markets.

Due to this, you can’t follow diet plans by well-known experts. That’s why we have gathered all the diets that you can follow with comfortably available products and ingredients in the market.

Intermittent fasting:

In this technique, we break down the hours. In easy words, you will eat food for a time period and later on fast. This strategy is adopted by many people. It is one of the fastest working methods.

One of the well known methods for this technique is 16/8. The 8 indicates the number of hours. It means you can eat for 8 hours almost anything ( healthy and not anything that contains too much fat). However, the 16 refers that you will fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day. This technique is widely used by people because of its effectiveness.

During these 8 hours, you should eat healthy and balanced food. Do not eat lots of food as it will nullify the whole aim of fasting. Avoid starving even during that period because it will particularly affect your fasting period. You might collapse and your body needs food for functioning. Make sure to cater to all the needs of your body.

We don’t recommend: 

Pregnant women and diabetic patients should avoid this method for weight loss.


Make a smoothie with the help of a blender. You need an avocado and some berries. ( you can use choose any berries, but we recommend using blueberries). Don’t use dairy milk, instead use coconut milk. Add chia seeds and mint to make the smoothie even tastier.


Grass-fed beef, chicken, and liver have plenty of benefits. They make a person healthy and entirely compensate for any nutritional loss. So for this purpose, you need beef and liver. However, make sure it’s grass-fed. Add salt for the taste. You can add garlic powder as well. The quantity of powder must be ½ tsp. However, for beef and liver, you need ½ lbs each.

Simply mix the ingredients. That is listed above and heat them / cook them properly. This recipe is easy to make and so delicious.


You should preheat the oven to almost 400 degrees. Moving on to ingredients use lime, butter, and garlic. You can use ghee as well. Mix all the ingredients properly. Dip your salmon in this mixture. After covering it with foil, just put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. 

You can also add some vegetables (roasted veggies) to your dinner.

Time to eat:

Often people do many mistakes when it comes to eating. These mistakes are referred to as unhealthy habits that lead to weight loss or usually weight gain in many individuals. 

Save these tips and use them in your daily life to see significant results in your weight loss journey. Sometimes people know what they eat. But they are unaware of how to eat it. Which time is perfect and which time is not. It is also a crucial part of why most diet plans fail for certain people.


Tips for breakfast:

As soon as you wake up, try to eat your food. Usually, people delay breakfast to more than an hour. 

All the contents and nutrients are crucial in a meal. In breakfast, do not forget proteins.

Be a part of the 5 am club. Start waking up early in the morning. Have your breakfast as early as possible such as 6-7 am. Eating after 10 am is highly unhealthy and ruins the system of your body.


Tips for lunch:

The best to have a healthy lunch is noon. It’s better to do lunch almost 3-4 hours after your breakfast.

Avoid delaying your meal too late afternoon.


Tips for dinner:

Eat dinner during the evening. Your body is working in the best condition so, provide it with all the nutrients and let your amazing body do the work.

Do not eat dinner at late night. Your body and organs need some rest from digestion. Also, it can disrupt your circadian rhythms.

Our informational tip: circadian rhythm is like a 24-hour internal clock system that keeps on working accordingly. It has many psychological, mental, emotional, and physical effects on your body.

Fad diets:

Eating healthy is a lifestyle. Do not follow the trends. Sometimes people jump to the trends and start eating nothing and fasting 24 hours. This is disastrous.

A fad diet is any diet that people follow usually because of some fashion trends. Moreover, fad diets are mostly unhealthy. As they do not cater to the nutritional requirements of the body. 

Avoid using fad diets as they can weaken your body. They usually do not contribute anything to weight loss. They are most of the time just false claims.

Don’t eat these foods:

When you are on a diet, many foods can be tempting, and you want to eat them. However the hard work you are putting in to maintain a balanced lifestyle and weight loss can go in vain if you eat these foods.

  • Alcohols
  • Sodas
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sweets and toffees

You should avoid eating food with high sugar content. It includes cakes and many pastries. These exotic foods are indeed delicious and tempting. But do not forget your motive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not let these temporary cravings blur your vision of a healthy lifestyle. 


Obesity is a highly critical and hectic problem. It requires you to change your mindset as well as change your lifestyle. Binge eating, unhealthy food, and snacks are other reasons that contribute heavily to increasing this problem. Try these best diet plans in our article. Even after all the precautions, if your weight keeps increasing. Do not hesitate to see a certified doctor.


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