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Disadvantages of Audiobooks

There is no doubt in saying that audiobooks have a lot of benefits like multitasking, helps in reducing negative thoughts, building literacy skills, enhancing vocabulary, empowering imagination, and beneficial for people with visual disabilities. Still, there are some disadvantages of audiobooks such as:

Technology dependent:

You need to have a technological device like a computer, laptop or a smart phone to listen to or save audiobooks.

Good internet connection:

The speed of your internet connection should be high to listen online audiobooks uninterrupted. The average size of most audiobooks is around 700 MB and you need to have high speed internet connection to download them.

Dislike narrator or audio quality:

Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable with the narrator’s voice due to the low quality audio track, pitch of voice and, accent. Not all narrators succeed in giving life to the book; maybe they can’t synchronize themselves with the writer’s thoughts.

Can’t highlight lines:

Many people, especially students, have a habit of highlighting or underlining important lines in a book. This can’t be done with audiobooks. Manual notes of those lines can be made, needing extra effort and time.

No pictures or illustrations:

The pictures or illustrations in the book explaining the total concept of the writer are missed.

Need to have a bank card:

Not all audiobooks available on the internet are free; sometimes you have to buy each audio copy or purchase a monthly membership. You need to have a bank card to purchase them; this lead a limitation on accessing audiobooks.


Can’t gather spelling of unfamiliar words:

When listening to audiobooks, we cannot gather the exact spelling of unfamiliar words. For this purpose we have to look for a dictionary or search online.

Lack of focus:

Multitasking is a benefit of audiobooks, but this benefit causes a lack of complete focus. When we listen to audiobooks while doing anything else, we are not 100% focused and miss the most important details.

Can’t follow the pace of the narrator:

Sometimes, the narrator’s speed is so fast that you can’t follow him. You are trying to understand a sentence or a word and the narrator steps on next sentence. In this scenario, you have to stop and play the audio again and again.

 Limited number of audiobooks:

Not all books are available in audio format; maybe the book you want to read is not available in audio format.

Despite of these disadvantages, we cannot ignore the benefits of audiobooks. Everybody has its own experience according to his circumstances.




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