don’t buy iPhone online in Pakistan

don’t buy iPhone online in Pakistan

Unknow company Pakistan is selling iPhone at a very cheap rate which is a fraud. There is a huge fraud going on in Pakistan in the name of buying iPhones at cheap rates online. Giving an interview on Urdupoint, Dr. Asghar sahib narrated his story, how he bought a cheap iPhone and what he got when he bought an iPhone Online.

How this Pakistani doctor did an online phone order sitting at home He told that he keeps watching an Islamic movie of یوسف علیہ السلام online during that time a TV Ads comes who tells him to get iPhone online for Rs.3500 Children of this TV star Doctor Sahab had also seen again and again and he also wanted that he too could buy an iPhone. Because the iPhone is a very expensive phone, it is not in everyone’s power to buy it.

The children of the doctor also insisted that we have to buy this phone, it is a real phone, you can order it. To fulfill this dream of his children, Dr. Asghar ordered an iPhone for Rs.3500 Dr. Asghar and his kids wait for this phone. After a few days, the cheap rate iPhone arrived at Dr. Asghar’s house. the kids picked up that phone Doctor sir, there is a lot that he has ordered iPhone for his children at a very cheap rate so that his children will be happy but today that parcel had arrived. When the parcel was opened, everyone was surprised to see what came out of it.

When he opened that crop, there was a blank of Nokia phone body and damaged charger, etc. When he contacted this phone number running on the TV channel, he apologized and said that it has been parcel by mistake, we will send you a new iPhone Dr. Asghar said that he said this only because his money had not reached him yet, he was waiting to get the money.

As soon as the money of that phone has reached them, when they were routed again, their style of talking also changed. He talked with a very wrong behavior and told Dr. Asghar, whatever you cannot do, do it. Now Dr. Asghar was very angry and he thought of solving this matter legally. Dr. Asghar wrote an application and reached the FIA office.

Dr. Asghar has given this message in his final words to those people who are buying online iPhones at cheap rates or are buying other such things with which they do not have permanent satisfaction.

  • Do not order any product from any company that you do not already have experience with. Always order online from a company you are sure of.

Think for yourself that such a phone is worth lakhs of rupees all over the world and a common man cannot buy it. How can such an iPhone be sold in Pakistan at a very cheap rate for just Rs.3500

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