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Drama Mushkil – A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Revenge:

Explore the captivating tale of Mushkil, where friendship, love, and revenge intertwine. Follow Sameen and Hareem as their unbreakable bond is tested by unforeseen obstacles and explosive misunderstandings. Delve into Sameen’s battle to protect her self-respect and mend broken bonds, all while unraveling the enigmatic connection with Faraz. Witness the consequences of Hareem’s vengeful acts and join in the final showdown to discover if Sameen can save her relationship with Faraz. Mushkil is a compelling story that pushes the boundaries of friendship and loyalty, leaving you enthralled until the end.

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Mushkil: Exploring the Boundaries of Friendship and Loyalty


The Plot of Mushkil

Main Content:

Friendship Tested: Sameen and Hareem’s Journey

Inseparable Friends:

Sameen and Hareem: The Unbreakable Bond

Challenges and Conflicts:

Unforeseen Obstacles on the Path of Friendship

Hareem’s One-Sided Love:

Hareem’s Unrequited Love for Faraz

Misunderstandings Unleashed:

Impulsive Decisions and the Fallout in Relationships

Sameen’s Dilemma:

The Battle to Protect Self-Respect and Clear Misunderstandings

The Road to Redemption:

Sameen’s Struggle to Mend Broken Bonds

The Enigma of Faraz:

Exploring the Depths of Sameen and Faraz’s Connection

Hareem’s Vengeful Acts:

The Consequences of Hareem’s Actions


The Final Showdown: Will Sameen Save Her Relationship with Faraz?


Mushkil: A Compelling Tale of Friendship, Love, and Revenge

Table Design:

Actor Character
Saboor Ali Sameen
Khushhal Khan Faraz
Zainab Shabbir Hareem
Humayoun Ashraf Asfand
Behroze Sabzwari Ilyas
Shagufta Ejaz Haleema
Saife Hassan Ibrahim
Laila Wasti Marium
Ismat Zaidi Saghira
Kashif Hussain Arif
Qudsia Aneela
Hareem Sohail Iqra
Rashid Farooqui Faheem
Majda Hameed Rukhsana
Rashida Tabassum Mehnaz
Amrah Kazi Anita
Haris Asad
Nasreen John Nasreen


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