Drama serial Faasiq episode 64 summary

Drama serial Faasiq episode 64 summary

In the present episode, Uncle Mansoor went off to Mutahir’s home and started shouting at him. While Mutahir is highly stubborn, misbehaves and hence brawl gets started between him and Umair.


Mutahir’s mother apologized to her brother and requested him to leave for a while in order to calm down the whole situation.

In her complaint, Mutahir argued you always ignore your son in the burden of his brother’s favors and take him for granted.


Everyone finds it suitable to hide the truth from Fatima for the sake of her health. But she gets curious about everyone’s behavior.


Meanwhile, Umair taunts Aniqa for hurting everyone’s sentiments. He also apologized to Fatima to forgive him for past deeds. Aniqa repeatedly gets scolded by her mother and ultimately gets forgiven by expressing regret.


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Fasiq – Episode 64 – 26th January 2022 – HAR PAL GEO


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