Drama serial Faasiq episode 65- youtube Herpal Geo

Drama serial Faasiq episode 65


In the latest episode, Fatima called Mutahir who was at the office. Initially, he got scared of the fact she’d know the truth, but later he realized she doesn’t know anything about the matter yet.

Fatima asked him to take her back home as she no longer has the point to stay there. When Mutahir came in, he got into a verbal fight with his uncle Mansoor. Mansoor refused to let him take Fatima home.


While Mutahir inquired in which pride you’re at now, I stole your honor and became your son-in-law.

Aniqa, on the other hand, wanted to go outside to meet his unfortunate husband, accompanied by her friend. But nobody allowed her to go anywhere. Moreover, she had to be restrained and had to stay with her mother in her room.


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