Drama serial Faasiq episode 66 summary

Drama serial Faasiq episode 66 summary


In the recent episode, Aniqa secretly called Mutahir and begged him to do something she wanted to meet him desperately. While Umair caught her doing so and blamed her for doing things like a coward.


Fatima seems to be sick so in this pretext Mutahir suggested to her that she call for Aniqa , she’d help her in workload like previously.


Upon his suggestion, she requested her uncle and aunt to bring her here.They were reluctant before but ultimately had to agree due to her condition.


Aniqa had utilized this chance to get sympathy from her Phupho. She took the charge not only of home but also acceded in doing things for Mutahir.


At the last, Fatima caught sight of them when Mutahir was putting on earrings to Aniqa.


To watch complete episode, click the link below


Fasiq – Episode 66 – 28th January 2022 – HAR PAL GEO


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