Drama serial faasiq episode 67 summary

Drama serial faasiq episode 67 summary

In the present episode, after Fatima caught her husband and cousin together, Aniqa fabricated that her earrings got stuck into her hair which he was fixing.

Umair came in to bring Aniqa back home. But Mutahir resisted it and wondered why he was getting upset about Fatima for no obvious reason.

Mansoor summoned Mutahir to his place and reminded him that he always treated him like his son. Moreover, he asked him to give a divorce to Aniqa in order to resolve the issue.

Fatima felt worried at the offensive behavior of Mutahir and asked him the reason but he got more offended in return.

After knowing about the divorce thing, Aniqa got paranoid and tried to commit suicide. She wants to get rid of all accusations. So, her mother asked for favors from his brother Mansoor.

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Fasiq – Episode 67 – Digitally Presented by Giggly Ke Opus – 29th January 2022 – HAR PAL GEO

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