Drama serial Fasiq episode 62 summary

Drama serial Fasiq episode 62 summary

In this episode, Fatima was really worried about the absence of Aniqa and was desperately waiting for her.


Meanwhile, Aniqa hideously got married to Mutahir. She keeps on asking to unveil it but the latter is waiting for an opportunity to humiliate his Uncle Mansoor in his sheer revenge.


On request of him, Aniqa unwillingly agreed to get ready and do that whole pretentious act.


Mutahir’s mother forgot the watch at home which she bought as a gift for her niece’s wedding. She insisted Mutahir go home and bring that back.


On the arrival of that particular moment, Mutahir came in and started the planned melodrama. He dismissed the wedding of Aniqa before all people by claiming to be his husband.


To watch the complete episode of drama fasiq, click the link below

Fasiq – Episode 62 – 24th January 2022 – HAR PAL GEO


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