Drama serial Fasiq episode 63 summary

Drama serial Fasiq episode 63 summary


Coming forward to the next episode, Aniqa was seen to visualize the whole incident. Suddenly, she felt scared and went to her mother, told all the reasons that she wouldn’t be able to get married.

Her mother Sultana felt nauseous and was taken to the hospital immediately. She apologized to the groom’s mother there and disclosed the truth. Ultimately, the wedding was canceled.


Mansoor got furious and scolded Aniqa for playing games with him. He complained that she could have shared this secret before the event instead of discarding his honor in front of everyone.


Everyone was curious about whom she got married to. While being forced, she reveals that she had done nikkah with Mutahir. All of them were shocked by this revelation and accused both of them for doing such a disgraceful act.

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Fasiq – Episode 63 – 25th January 2022 – HAR PAL GEO







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