Electronic Connection featuring Amazon

Electronic Connection featuring Amazon


it changes month to month so today for 59.99 you are getting a brand new full-on smartphone your Samsung galaxy a02s with that six and a half-inch full high definition screen that is ultra-vibrant easy to see and then you’re also getting the plan you’re getting 1500 minutes of talk you’re getting 1500 texts you’re also getting 1500 megabytes of data all for this one price that’s on

Five flexible payments that are on free shipping no contracts no monthly bill this is amazing we’re doing a full presentation coming up on that also you may have noticed in the title of the show is electronic connection featuring amazon well that’s coming up as well it is the amazon it is the 10 inches are we walking this way I’ll come this way take a look at your screen you can see right there this is what you are getting today the amazon fire this is the one

That was released last summer this is the brand new one 32 gigs of space it is 10 inches ultra high definition vibrance vibrant screen you know tablets are so versatile they’re so fun they’re so useful they can be pretty expensive you can get yours your brand new tablet to share with the kids to share with the grandkids to take on the road trip today for 109.99 you got two colors to choose from there if you head over to hsn.com you’ll see that blue that we call denim

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