Everybody daily discusses Current Affairs, Do you know the meaning of Current Affairs – Muft Malomat

Everybody daily discusses Current Affairs

Everybody daily discusses Current Affairs, Do you know the meaning of Current Affairs. Today we discuss the Current Affairs

Current Affairs

Events of social and political attention and interest happening in the world at present’


The Person in News: Death, Famous.

Recent Indian Deals with other countries.

Population Count.

Economics News.

Current Affairs Practice Questions.

Current Affairs of the World.

Financial Awareness.

Government Schemes and Policies.

What is the difference between Current Affairs and News?

Current Affairs is an occasion that has happened just recent

 But the News on the other hand is a conclusion of old and new things.

 For example:

 A piece of news about a secreted incident that took place in the 1970s can be conveyed anytime.

 What are the Pakistan affairs?

News and Social Media discuss all things Pakistan, Foreign Affairs, Defenses, Terrorism, Faith, Economy, Pakistani, Islamic, and World History. We have a piece of Admins and editors from various backgrounds. Each post represents the writer’s own opinion and point of view.

Importance of current affairs

Daily reading Current Affairs help you gain more knowledge. You can know the news happening around you. It will be more important for candidates preparing for all the government exams. Because now all the government-based good exams have a section on current affairs.




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