Fair Trade Marking Organizations (FTMO)

Fair Trade Marking Organizations (FTMO)


Trade was the major facility came into being by the exchange of goods and other services:

made by the communication between prehistoric people even before the innovation of modern-day currency. Revolutionized on a day – to – day basis; from barter system to global trading. Contemporary form of trading – internet trading began in 1990’s. Present – time modernized trading is FTMO (Fair Trade Marking Organizations). It is an EU Company headquartered in Czech Republic.


FTMO is a project which is designed to look for competent traders. A 2 – step evaluation course is established to make sure that the applicant trader has all the required capabilities. These two steps involve FTMO Challenge and the Verification. Experienced team is provided with the determination to overcome all the challenges and hurdles; a trader can face as well as to bring out the hidden talent within him; so that they successfully can complete the course and be a part of FTMO Proprietary Trading Firm.


FTMO offers a free trial to encourage new comers and upcoming traders. After you Sign Up; you are a part of FTMO Challenge which is absolutely free. In this free trial you can test your trading applications and will also receive a free analysis from the experts on your trading performance. Once you succeed to ascertain your trading skills; then you will be allowed to trade through FTMO Account – where you remotely can manage up to 400,000 USD. As an FTMO trader; you are authorized to keep up to 90% of the profits you generate. All the earnings involve real money. Trade without the fear of losing anything – as the loses will be covered by FTMO. Moreover, the charged fee will automatically be reimbursed to you with your first profit split.


The steps involved in explaining the working of FTMO are as follows:

Evaluation Process:

The trading is checked out in 3 steps:

FTMO Challenge:

It is the preliminary step of evaluation process where you have to prove your trading skills along with the discipline in fulfilling the trading objectives.


It is the second and last step in becoming the FTMO trader. If you pass the verification stage and your results are verified, you will be offered to trade for the proprietary trading firm – FTMO.

FTMO Trader:

You are now a trader of FTMO – proprietary trading firm. With a culpable and congruous trade, you can receive up to 90% of your profits. By consistently generating profit on your FTMO Account; your account will be scaled according to the scaling plan offered by FTMO.

Trading Objectives:

An experienced and disciplined trader is the one who can manage risks. For this rationale FTMO has developed trading objectives. One has to meet these objectives to prove himself as a serious trader.

Scaling Plan:

The scaling plan offered by FTMO encourage the traders to trade consistently without taking unnecessary risks and treat the FTMO Account with consistency in mind. Do remember FTMO never promises any guarantees for high returns and specifically trading is a risky business. Last but not the least; it is better to give a chance to evaluate yourself by joining the team of expert traders through a free trial.

To start investing as an online trader click on the link below:

FTMO® – Forex Traders Wanted – 2021

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